Monday, October 20, 2008

World Series Match Up/ Media In the Tank for Obama

Sports and politics, together on the same post? Might as well kill 2 birds with one to go for the entertainment first.

Rays vs Phillies in the World Series nobody wanted________starting Wednesday Night on FOX.

Well at least nobody outside hard core fans of these two like my Uncle Jack, a life long Phillie Fanatic who lives in the tiny berg of Antwerp, Ohio, but grew up in Wilmington, Delaware, not far from Philadelphia, PA. Myself, I really don't have a dog in this show...I kind of like the underdogs Tampa Bay....not much of a fan base, but having never won more than 70 games in a season, until now....they are quite the success story of 2008. In 1999 before we headed to Venice, Florida, on our family vacation...I checked out the Devil Rays(now just Rays) schedule and saw that the Cleveland Indians would be in town during our luck would have it Wade Boggs of Tampa Bay was approaching 3000 I ordered 5 tickets for August 7, 1999, a Saturday night, and the day we would make our drive towards home. We arrived at the stadium that afternoon, Boggs needed 3 hits to get #3000....we brought along our video camera, and recorded each Boggs' at bat....a strike out, then a couple of singles brought Wade to the plate late in the game....a lifetime singles hitter, Boggs fooled us all, by slamming a Home Run for #3000....we got it all on camera, bought the newspapers, and got our 3000 comemrative post cards....that was a special day we will all remember in this household.

The Phils meanwhile are a blue collar team, led by superstar outfielder Ryan Howard. I could live with either team winning, I like the Rays in 6 games, but if Philly comes out on top, that's good news for my Uncle...being the union Democrat he is, a Philadelphia win along with Obama being elected would make his day....needless to say Jack and I do not agree on politics.
Speaking of Elections and Obama_______

Unlike my Uncle and a few other family members from mom's side(although she is a Republican) and one of my sisters who are hard core Democritters, I can't stand anything left of Attila the Hun.

Barry aka Barack Soetoro Obama is the evil coming down the track. Social programs out of control, weak economy, high taxes, the "Fairness Doctrine" for broadcasting, and brown shirt youth in the streets, are just a few things coming our way if this son of a bitch gets elected to office. The media has been in the tank for this clown since day 1, even throwing one of their darling Clintons off the bridge in support of the American Marxist. Then we add Colin Powell, the so called Republican, former General. Now, IMO, Powell was never much of a General, not enough guts to fight wars, he left that to folks like "Storming Normal" Swartzkopf. Powell, every the social liberal, stood to the back of the meeting room when the passed out guts and soul. And of course, never let race be an issue....right! The media has loved Powell(except when he became Bush IIs Secretary of State. Now that he has come out for one of his own, Barry Obama, the media is back in love with all means, let's have the GOP and Democrats all think alike...Powell is a perfect example.

In a new survey release today, 44% of Americans(69% of Democrats) think that Obama and his spread the wealth around views{Socialism) is the way to go, there is how far we have went off the path that our forefathers layed out.

Obama is probably going to be elected President, the USA as we know it will be the lesser for it. As I've said before...stock up on goods, food, ammo, and guns....."It" is coming. The brainwashed youth and lower middle class, the media, the university elite, will have their man in the White House, I wonder what they will think when he turns out to be Lenin in an empty suit.

If you have the time{if you don't take it}, pull out your Bible{and I am hardly a "thumper"} and flip to the Old Testament and the Book of's a long repetitive book, but if you read and drink it in, place America in place of Jerusalem, and you get a window into what is happening to America today.

Believe, don't believe, it's your choice....don't say when{not if} it comes our way, somebody didn't tell you that, it was coming.

On to more pleasant thoughts....the weather remains fall like locally, 60s for highs, 40s for lows, sunny days, starlit nights. One final JV football game, Celina hosting Ottawa-Glandorf tonight, and basketball classes to follow.

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The Hermit said...

I'm putting the last finishing touches to my holdings. I remember when William the Bastard took over and passed his gun ban. Magazines for common pistols went from $19.00 each to up around $120.00 each if you could even find any.

Buck said...

I ain't got a dog in the World Series fight and I may not even watch it, for the first time in a LONG time. But I just can't get excited about either team. I'd watch had either the Dodgers OR the Sox were in it... but they're NOT.

Mailed off my absentee ballot this morning: NOBAMA!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

I'm with you on the baseball. Not even paying attention. Good luck to both of them. As far as the election is concerned, I think that we've maybe got two more years of a Democratic party controlled Congress. That's how long it took folks to wake up to Clinton. Maybe that'll be the up side. Another one term, on-the-job-training dufus... But who's gonna play the role of Ronald Reagan in 2012?

Jan said...

It's very scarey out there right now. I was just telling my mom yesterday this is a spiritual battle we're in. I just pray God
hasn't removed His hand of protection from America. I enjoy your blog. I used to live in Montezuma years ago.

Matt-Man said...

Holy Baby Jeebus...Save us from the evil that is Barack Obama!! Cheers!!

pat houseworth said...

Thanks Jan...Montezuma Muskrats....I lived there in my High School years, 1963-67...right off the airport runway on 219.

Matt-Man....I prefer Jackie D, but Opinions different or not, are like arseholes and some of us is....

thanks for stopping by.