Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Towns of my Forefathers part #1

Finally got a little rain overnight, lucky it waited until we finished up officiating the 8th grade Junior High game at Celina Stadium. The JH Bulldogs finished their season with a convincing 24-6 win over Lima Bath. Although we got a pretty good shower overnight, it was nothing compared to what they were calling for, and it moved east, and we are stuck with humid, albeit cool, and cloudy skies. No game tonight, but our final local rules meeting at Van Wert.

Once or twice a year I make the 90 mile trip to Waldo, Ohio via the back roads...jumping off U.S. 33 at Bellefontaine...taking Ohio 47 into "Downtown" Waldo. On occasion every couple of years, usually when the fall colors are in full mode, I will continue on Ohio 229 through Delaware, Morrow, and Knox Counties toward Millwood.....this trip takes me through the heart of the area my forefathers lived in for much of the 19th century.

Millwood, Ohio----------

The tiny unincorporated village of Millwood is located in eastern Knox County, close to the geographical center of Ohio. The Kokosing River and Owl Creek flow next to the town. Founded in the early 1820s....according to The History of Knox County 1880, my GGG-Grandfather Israel Houseworth built the second Log Cabin in Millwood about 1825. Israel and wife Catherine purchased 2 lots in Millwood from John Hawn for $50. Hawn, James Britton, and Elisha Gibbs, were also involved in the early development of Millwood. Israel's life, what I know about it, is chronicled on my genealogy blog:

So I won't go into details of his life and movements, just suffice to say in Israel Houseworth's 88 years, he made many, many, moves in Pennsylvania and Ohio, despite the ways of travel not being what they are today. Israel indeed had the wanderlust throughout that life(1775-1863).

These days Millwood is but a town of about 100 people, with a gas station, restaurant, and a Antique sits at the intersection of U.S. 36 and U.S. 62. Not much genealogy information to be found in Millwood itself, you need to travel to the county seat in Mt. Vernon, about 8 miles to the west, and visit the county courthouse. I have spent more than a few hours there in the past years...yesterday, however, was stickly a photo opportunity along the river....Kokosing is one of the nicer canoe spots in Ohio, and has several canoe liveries and dropping off spots.

After walking the town and river for about 90 minutes, I jumped back in the Intrepid and headed west through Mt. Vernon, and then on the back roads through Morrow County, back to Waldo.
Waldo, Ohio____
My Great-Great Grandparents, 2 sets, moved to Waldo, located on the Delaware-Marion County Line(just inside Marion County) sometime after 1840. Houseworths lived in Waldo for the next 60 years. Today Waldo, located some 25 miles north of the northern Columbus bergs, looks much like it did during the Civil War. About 325 people call Waldo home, the only Houseworths that remain are those buried in the Waldo Town Cemetery.Despite the tremendous growth in Delaware County(fasting growing county in Ohio), so far Waldo and north in Marion County, has remained isolated from the urban sprawl....hopefully it will remain so for many years to come. Today Waldo's claim to fame is that it is home to the Worlds Famous Bologna Sandwiches:

G&R has been featured several times on National TV and in major media newspapers for its famous sandwiches. Don't think deli or packaged baloney when you think of these great eats....those are not close. I hate store bought baloney, I love the food at G&R...nothing better than a bottle of beer and a monster slice of fried bologna, topped with pepper jack and sweet pickles...add mustard and you have my favorite. However, top them anyway you want....they are worth the 2 hour trip from home, in my humble opinion. G&R looks much like your everyday small town bar, clean, but nothing special to look at...just a friendly atmosphere and great food and cold beer, at a great price.

The only disappointment yesterday was the fact the fall colors have not yet hit full stride in central Ohio, another week to 10 days is probably needed....but the high clouds and 70 degree weather was just about perfect. Indeed a perfect day away from the BS of politics and the coming economic bust.

back later>>>>>>>>
photos--Top a Wooly Worm crawls along the banks of the Koskoing River waiting on fall. A lifeless tree lays in river between Howard and Millwood. Entering Millwood from the north on Highway 62. Koskoing River on the south end of Millwood proper. A nice looking horse grazes on a farm located along the banks of the river. My Great-Great Grandmother Urusla Houseworth's final resting place in the Waldo Cemetery, the 125+ year old stone showing the results of years of wear and weather. The famous G&R Tavern, and my Baloney Sandwich before I finished it off. Finally, the Waldo, Ohio, Town Hall as it looks in the fall sunshine.


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Anonymous said...

Pat, something is out of whack with the blog. There are big gaps between the pictures.

pat houseworth said...

I think it was the way I was adding and grouping the's happened before....blogger still have it's "edit" problems.

Buck said...

Nice pics, Pat. Looks like you had a great "day out!"

pat houseworth said...

I enjoyed it Buck....pretty peaceful and the weather cooperated.

Cookie..... said...

Enjoyable post amigo. My wife got a kick out of the town of Waldo as that what she calls "little cookie"... ;-). Sometimes she enjoys playing "Where's Waldo"....

Hope she doesn't read this or I'm in deep shit... :-)

Mushy said...

We have a place near here called "Captian Tom's". He serves up a great fried baloney sandwich too.

Looks good my friend.

Great shots.