Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween "Trick or Treat" 1960/Indian Summer

The cold mornings continue, but it appears that warm weather is on the least for today. Near 70 they say, then a cool down(upper 50s) for tomorrow, but back at 70 or so for the early part of next week, including Election Day. My guess that will be our "Indian Summer" for the appears by the following weekend we will be back to wet and in the 40s and 50s. November is the ultimate change of seasons month.

As Patricia headed off to school this morning....I looked at the sky and thought that I may have a decent sunrise to photograph...they sky was somewhat red, but as I approached Grand Lake driving the Jeep down West Bank Road, the red sky faded to pinkish not waiting for sunrise, I snapped a dozen or so shots, some posted here.

Officially it is Halloween, October 31st....I never remember celebrating or "trick or treat" being on the 31st....In my childhood in Venice, Florida, we usually did our nights out on October 30th. I remember one in particular, one that brings back vivid memories.

It was 1960, a week or so before Kennedy vs Nixon, I was in 6th grade and hung around with Mike Graff(1949-2003) and several other guys in my class and neighborhood of Edgewood Park, located on the east side of Venice. Having mischief in mind, we had hit Republican Headquarters, the place with all the bumper stickers....being kids of GOP parents, our plan was to take these "Nixon in 60" stickers and paste them on store front windows, cars, mail boxes, etc, in addition to our usual candy gathering. I never thought we were bad kids, and really we weren't...but for this night in 1960 me, friend Mike, Jackie Dye, and a couple of other names forgotten friends, went over to the "Dark Side". We plastered Nixon stickers on anything we could get our hands near. Problem was, there were as many Democrat kids that had the same idea....and we ended up trading windows, and pasting Nixon over Kennedy and was quite a night, and lucky for us, we didn't get caught. 1960 was my most memorable Halloween indeed. One thing I know, if someone was sticking Obama 08 stickers on my house or car, I would be pissed off, big time! Back in 1960 USA, we didn't have a care.

Now days Halloween is a daytime affair, in Celina for the past 10 years of so, it has been the Sunday before Halloween between the hours of 3 and 5 that really sucks, I know why they do it, besides "No Fun Allowed", we have to protect the children...what a nation of wimps we have become.

So this weekend, at least locally, the weather looks good, but no "trick or treaters" will be around...High School Football Playoffs begin, the usual suspects are back, local defending State Champs Coldwater and Marion Local are back in the mix, as are other area teams, St. Marys, Anna(playing Marion Local) and Delphos St. Johns. I expect a team or 2 to make it to state, with Coldwater likely to bring home another crown. The winner of this weekends Marion vs Anna rematch will be a favorite as well.

I plan on enjoying the weather....back later>>>>>>>>>>

Photos Described Below>

Top Left-A couple of well carved Jack O' Lanterns stolen from Cyber Space. 3 photos from my early morning lake drive this morning....left, looking at the sun approaches the horizon, middle, Safety Island, and right, my Jeep silhouetted sitting in the park. The Houseworth kids on Trick or Treat 1988, Anissa, Hal, Joe(Sam's buddy) and Sam...then again in 1990, Anissa, Sam, and Hal.


Buck said...

I never remember celebrating or "trick or treat" being on the 31st....In my childhood in Venice, Florida, we usually did our nights out on October 30th.

It was always the 31st for me. Have you ever heard of "Devil's Night" in your part of the world, Pat? That's the night Deetroit burns... the "tradition" is to set abandoned houses on fire on the night of October 30th, and there are LOTS of derelict houses in Deetroit. I'd never heard of Devil's Night until I moved to Detroit in '85... and it was QUITE the big-deal back then, with well over 400 fires set the year I moved to Detroit, IIRC. Not so much, anymore, from what I read. Progress, eh? ;-)

pat houseworth said...

I think they had "Devils Night" somewhat under control this year Buck....probably only because the city is a Ghost Town in parts.....I suspect a version of "Devils Night" will happen late this Tuesday, win or lose by Obama...time will tell.

Sarge Charlie said...


They're coming to take me away, HA HA
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Where life is beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see
Those nice, young men
In their clean, white coats
And they're coming to take me away, Ha-haaa!

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