Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ready, Aim.....Do I still have it?

I was going to post today about "The Obama Voter"...thought better of it. I actually on my daily walk yesterday did the tour of several neighborhoods and took a gander at the houses with Obama-Biden yard signs, and was going to "pigeon hole" those folks. But my Christian side got the better of me, so I will leave them alone....their vote, no matter how small minded and ignorant they may be, is theirs, and theirs alone. If they want to help "The Ebony Messiah" take control over the nation, it's their choice, they can live with the consequences.

What I did do, was pull my 9MM style Pellet Pistol out, took it in the back yard, and set up my targets on a bail of straw, and let go with a few dozen rounds. Of course it's illegal to fire a "gun" in the city, but pellet pistols, bb guns, etc, are OK...I think? If not, tough shit! Back in my days at Griffiss Air Force Base{post Vietnam}, I spent many a day at the firing range. We Sky Cops, carried both a .39 S&W Police Special, and the M-16(M-2 Carbines in the early days)Rifle. As a hunter in my teen years, after moving to Ohio from Florida, I can honestly say, I didn't shoot worth a darn. After being made a Security Police Specialist in the Air Force, I still wasn't much of a shooter in my early day that all changed. A old lifer at Tech School at Lackland Air Force Base Texas gave me a spot of advice...."Airman Houseworth" he said, "Are you left or right eye dominant?" The Hell if I knew. I was right handed so I must be right eyed, right? Not necessarily. Turns out I was aiming with my right eye, but I was left eye dominant....this changed my whole shooting world. I got good with the M-2, and I became real good with a handgun.

During my days at Nha Trang and Tan Son Nhut, I had several opportunities to work on my skills...although I never bothered to take the Expert Marksman test, until I was back stateside at Rome, New York. I finally got around to shooting over 500 rounds with both the .38 and M-16 in August of 1971.....when it came time to qualify, I hit 42 of 42 with the pistol, and with the M-16 I went 48 for 50. As my days in the Air Force came to and end, I was finally considered and awarded the Expert Ribbon.

Anyway back to the firing range:

Yesterday, I took the pellet gun out, and took a chance to see if I still "had it"....after sighting in, I fired a dozen or so round from Prone at 10 yards, sitting at 15 yards, and Kneeling at 15....the results are above....not great, but considering I had not fired a weapon since 1987, I did OK once I got started. I plan on getting up to speed with the .38, 12 gauge shotgun, and rifle in the near future....with the current state of the country and it's economy, it's time for the old dog, to get proficient with old tricks.


Sarah Palin tonight......

The corrupt left wing major news media has done a grand job in destroying candidate Sarah Palin...did you expect anything else? Here is a little hint for you that worship the News Media, or even your kids teachers. Some, not all, are not all that they are cracked up to be.

My wife is a teacher, my youngest son is a teacher, my wife's family has a long history of teachers. I was a member of the media, I still have friends that are the same. So I say this with a knowledge of both, while trying not to step on many toes. In General, but of course not in all areas, Journalists and Teachers are not the brightest bulbs in the box...granted, there all excellent and smart teachers, and there are good journalists(not many however), look no farther than the dolts on TV every night, Then look at the state of public education in this country, and the leadership of the totally corrupt teacher's union(NEA). And you will see my point.

Good Luck Sarah, you are going to need it...Joe Biden, a lying sack of trash and all around plagiarist, is not your's the main stream media, and the ignorance of the American voting public. Added to that, this election may not be worth winning, considering what the "winning" party will face come January. But Sarah, hang in there, kick Biden's lying senile ass, and tell the American Left and Media to take a flying f**k! You and America will be the winners in the long run. If you lose this election, head back to Alaska and raise your family....then in 2012, maybe America, if we are still a working Republic, will be ready for someone as talented and honest as you.

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photos-my August 9, 1971, EXPERT Marksman Card(click for better view). The backyard target and how I did, and my little home security item....Co2 Pellet gun, especially with the hollow points is a "show" stopper, if needed. And Sarah Palin, the only bright bulb in this sorry 2008 National Election.

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with keeping your hand in using a pellet gun. The principles are the same.

I thought Palin did quite well last night, but she isn't getting much of a break from the MSM, who are doing their best to minimize her performance.

I notice that all the news shows are now anointing Obama as the winter and saying the race is over.