Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Coming Obama Nation

Watching last night's debate{switching between innings of the World Series}, it became clear to me that we are very, very, close to the coming Obama Nation. Barry Soetoro is about to be elected President of these United States, and unless something radical happens, this Marxist will be in charge. Add a rubber faced Nancy Pelosi, and "Dingy" Harry Reid, we will be walking hand-in-hand with "The Ebony Messiah" towards the destruction of Republic.

John McCain has ran a PC Campaign, and although he hit Obama harder last night that he did in past debates, it appears it was a little late. I see in early trading the Dow is down 200+ points...that will go up and down over the next few weeks, once Obama is elected, I suspect the bottom will drop out....the tax burden and socialist policies that this guy will propose, will send us to the year 1933 in a flash.

Was never a McCain fan... still not now. But compared to this coming anti-gun, pro-tax, pro Islam, Messiah from Hell, Ol' Juan looks pretty good. Well, all you can do is cast your 1 vote{unless you were signed up by ACORN, then you get up to 73 votes}, sit back and watch the "fun" over the next few years. If there was ever a time for a Constitutional friendly 3rd Party, that time is now.

What would Washington and Jefferson do?

I suspect if these early American Patriots were still around, the Oak Trees around D.C. would be filled with ropes, and the rotting corpses of the traitors from both parties.

Phillie's Win National League Pennant. _____________________________
The Philadelphia Phils have captured the NL Crown...defeating the LA Dodgers 4 games to 1. My interest was two fold. My last surviving Uncle is a life long Phillie fan, Mom and her siblings were born outside Philadelphia{Chester}, so both uncles, Jack and my late Uncle Bill were Phillie fans from birth. The other reason for my interest was last night's starting pitcher for the Dodgers was 24 year old Chad Billingsley....Chad is from Defiance High School, about 60 miles north of here, and out of the same league{Western Buckeye League}, as Celina. Billingsley graduated the same year as my youngest son Hal, and the teams match up in both league and tournament action on many occasions. I also umpired a couple of games with CB on the mound....he was impressive in High School{threw over 90 mph even back then}, and had a good season this year as well. Too bad for him, his 2 outings were less than stellar against Philadelphia. Regardless, he is the real deal, and baring injury will have a great career.

The Phils now await the finish of the Tampa Bay Rays vs Red Sox series, with TB leading 3 games-1 game, never count out the defending champions however.

A cool front blew through last night, a spot of rain and temperatures 20 degrees less that yesterday afternoon...highs however, will still be around 60 with some sunshine....but it looks like fall is here, at least for the next week, with highs in the 60s and lows in the 30s and 40s.
A cool breeze is accompanying the temperature drop.

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Top--2 Classics from the Great Depression....are we headed down this path once again? In the coming Obama Nation, anything is possible. What would the Great George Washington do? Phillie's Cap, and 24 year old Ohio native Chad Billingsley of the Dodgers.


Anonymous said...

It looks pretty hopeless.

Buck said...

I read something a week or so ago to the effect of "we ALL want Dodgers - Red Sox, but what we'll GET is Phillies - Rays." Looks like that's coming to pass. Dang it.

Sandi McBride said...

I suppose we can kiss our Dodgers goodbye (and me rooting like hell for Joe, damn those Yankees)but I refuse to believe that John McCain will lose...I've only once ever voted for a loser and still can't believe that Jimmy Carter beat Gerald Ford. So don't give up on the true American Hero in this race...I know we won't...

Jerry said...

Maybe you should move over the line to Indiana. I'm hoping we will still be a red state this November.

pat houseworth said...

Thanks for you imput Sandi....Buck, what a comeback, the fans were leaving in droves when the Sox were down 7-0, I went to bed with it 7-4...Sam comes and wakes me up with..."Rays Choked"

Hermit...looks like the press is intent on depressing the vote by the polls, some are out of hand, but I still see it as 4-5% for The Ebony Messiah.

Jerry...8 mile trip, best fried from High School lives up near Auburn. Ohio is still a toss up, the ACORN and criminal Sec of State are trying to cook the books for Obama in my state, we will take it one day at a time.

Buck said...

Buck, what a comeback...

One for the Ages, that! I'm still hopin' the Sox can pull it out.