Wednesday, October 21, 2009

@60 Life gets simpler?{at least for me}/Imus Returns

One more "Indian Summer" like day, before a extended forecast that shows rain and cooler temperatures for the remainder of October...hopefully we will still have a few more warm and sunny days before the rains and cold of November roll in for the duration of fall.

Does life get easier/better when you get older?

I guess that question can only be answered as you hit those aging milestones of 40, 50, 60, 70, and beyond....I know for me the answer at this point, more than half way through my 60th year is a resounding Yes!

Since I retired from the Van Wert County Health Department back in 2002 at age 53, this life has had it's ups and downs, like any other. I got into High School Umpire work in the spring and summer, and drove RVs for delivery across the country for 5 1/2 years....since the RV Business when "Belly Up", I have also added Football and Basketball officiating to my "work load"...and basically, that is what I do...thank God for Patricia, otherwise I probably would be out hitting the pavement, doing something I hate, to put bread on the table....

Don't get me wrong, 200 or so sporting events a year on 60 year old legs, for anywhere from $40 to $100 isn't getting me rich or stopping the aches and pains...but I'm not complaining...I could be sitting on my fat ass and doing nothing, or in front of the computer and TV all day....that isn't happening anytime soon, if I can help it.

Don't watch much TV, except the evenings I'm home, I turn on Bill O'Reilly, a good old movie on TMC, or a ballgame or hockey game.

With the nest getting more empty, Sam at OSU in Columbus, Hal on his own in Kettering, and Anissa soon to be moving into her own assisted living is getting a little more focused for my final run, in this life....Patricia is still working hard as a Special Education Teacher, and she probably has another 9 or 10 years to go.

Garry(a dozen years younger), and I discussed this coming back from Football in Antwerp the other night and decided, things were easier when you got out of the rat race...A Good Cigar, and Cold Beer, and on occasion__________________, is what you really need, to get by. Works for me.

Imus Returns____

Don Imus was run out of town{New York Radio} a couple of years ago for using the term "Nappy Headed Hoes" when talking about a team of women basketball players from Rutgers University..."Race Baiting" racist Al Sharpton and others came out in full force and finally Imus was taken off the radio and cable TV...This was a railroad job of pathetic proportions. Imus, had said far worse, and funny things, than this lightweight slap at a bunch of "She Males" playing round ball.....just grab a listen to the 1974 Album by Imus called "This Honky's Nuts"...a play off the Richard Pryor album called "This Nigger's Crazy"...Imus was much more funny than Pryor{of course that may depend on your race or ethnicity} In my opinion.

I was first introduced to the Imus brand of humor back in 1974 by my radio DJ buddy, Jim Olson...Jim was a evening Disc Jockey at WCSM Radio in Celina{a station I would become Program Director at a handful of years later}, and spun records for me when I was managing The Red Door. He collected albums of all sorts, whether it was hard rock, country, or radio comedy, like the National Lampoon Comedy Hour, or me Don Imus was far funnier than stoners like Cheech and Chong{although I enjoyed them as well}. Even my now 85 year old mom loves Imus, and was pissed when he was fired.

Well now the fledgling Fox Business Channel has picked up the "Imus In The Morning" radio program...and it appears he is back to his old self, albeit my guess he's staying away from racial stereotypes...fighting political correctness can only go so far in the media, something I have no problem doing, because what the Hell can the PC crowd and that stinking Kenyan born President do to a 60 year old right leaning Independent?

Imus on Fox Business from 6 to 9 in the morning....Welcome Back Imus, you are a perfect lead-in for my morning coffee, blog work, and Glenn Beck.

back later>>>

Photos-top left, me turning 60 back in March/Don Imus comes to Fox Business, and his outrageously funny album from 1974/me(R) and Jim Olson, my DJ buddy from North Dakota and WCMS, who introduced me to Imus humor back in 74


Sarge Charlie said...

not so sure it gets easier with age. I had cancer at 63 and now again at 72, I need a break today.

PRH....... said...

As long as you got faith Sarge, you've got it made....take care as best you can.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.