Monday, October 19, 2009

So this S.O.B. really is a Kenyan?

Before getting into my Obama rant for this week....let's review the weekend.

After the game up near Toledo on Friday Night, I spent much of Saturday trying to catch up on my lack of sleep from the previous 2 days. Hit the hay Saturday night about 8pm, up early Sunday...went to Church, tagged along with Patricia as she looked at a house for Anissa, and checked out another on the other side of town that she liked....nice old house, but maybe a little out of our price range, especially at our ages....I'm thinking we will stay in the old Church parsonage for the duration of my days at least.....I'm not much into moving, especially these days...I'm just looking to get rid of much of the stuff we have in the garage and basement. And make more room in our "semi-empty nest".

On the Health front....

Weight dropped to 194 over the weekend, so things are moving along, down 14 pounds since I began on September 5th, the Diabetes 2 diet...another 14 to go, which will get me down to my desired 180...A place I have not been since the late 1980s, when I got into heavy weight lifting. My Blood Pressure is doing well too...135/70 this morning with a resting pulse rate of 65, hopefully I can dump the BP meds, and stay off D-2 meds as well.

Our Kenyan-in-Chief____

I have been making light of Obama and his fake Birth Certificate for months now....seriously though, I had no idea whether this bastard was born in Kenya, Hawaii, or South was fun however to poke fun at his supporters, who go nuts when someone claims to be a "Birther", that being someone who believes The Obama is not a natural born American.

Well it appears back in 2004 that even the AP was calling His Majesty "Kenyan Born"

And Obama admitted during a debate for the Illinois Senate seat against Alan Keyes that you didn't need to be American Born to be a Senator....he wasn't running for President:

So, is he or isn't he?

I'm still not positive, but rest assured, the links to his comments during that debate and the stories from AP are disappearing from the Internet as I type...I found at least 5 sites that had the links taken down just this morning. Don't be surprised if the above links are gone soon.

So I'm thinking this story has legs, and the Obama Administration is running scared, especially from Fox News, which isn't even covering the story:

This administration is in full bunker mode, and meanwhile they continue to destroy the Republic, but selling out to Europe and the UN, whether it be the phony science of Global Warming, or the hanging our troops out to die in Afghanistan....

Wake Up America!!!!

These bastards are coming after better be prepared to fight, or lose you freedoms.

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7 comments: said...

thank you friend .

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Karl Rove said it best, Barry's war against FOX is "Nixonian":

Deborah Wilson said...


I just read the article on infowars and followed all of their links -
all of the stories are still there except for the Hawaiian article - but I expected that before I clicked.

This doesn't surprise me one bit - I've always suspected that he wasn't eligible. Why else would he hide his birth certificate, spending a lot of $ to keep it out of the public eyes (this includes his college and passport records).

What gets me is that it took AP so long to bust this open (even though infowars claims to have had it months ago).

The question now is what is the US going to do about it?

My bet is that he will stay in office.

PRH....... said...

Deb: Only the US Supreme Court has the power to force him out...and like you, I don't think the will is uprising in the streets would take place.

Should he be booted if not eligible? YES! Will he be? Not Likely!

Deborah Wilson said...


The US Supreme Court are not the only ones with power to force him out - the US Constitution says 'We The People'!

In any case, check out the Hawaiian link - while showing this post to sister this morning, I clicked on the Hawaiian post and check out the notice that they have added to the top of the article:

"CORRECTION: A correction on this story was published on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2006: Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was born in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961. A Page One story last Sunday contained incorrect information about his birthplace."

This was NOT there last night -

The American public can stay tuned for more cover-ups. They are working overtime!

PRH....... said...

Deb....the media and Obummer have the rest of the media running scared.

Revolution is in the week?, next month?, next year? When enough folks wake up, all Hell is going to break loose.

Deborah Wilson said...

The only mistake that I saw in the article was that it stated that Obama was born in Indonesia - it should have stated 'Kenya'.