Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Morning before the Sun Rises

Up at 4am this morning....Anissa had woken up, and with me going to the sack at 8 last evening, I climbed out of the bed to make coffee....letting Patricia sleep in until church time.

The reason for hitting the hay early last night was pretty simple...4 1/2 hours of sleep!

I got a e-mail early Friday from one of the guys in our Football Association, telling me he had a bug, and the doc advised him to stay home from work...meaning no work, he probably should not attempt to officiate a Friday Night varsity football game Bob wanted to know if I could cover for him at Holland, Ohio, a Toledo berg, for a game on the Artificial turf at Springfield High School, between Toledo Christian and visiting Danbury?...{familiar with both schools, I had done the TC baseball Regional final in their win over Hopewell-Loudon at Patrick Henry, and had worked the home plate in the Danbury win over Old Fort at H-L in the Sectionals}

The weather looked to be raw and possible rain/snow, but being the nice guy I am, said yes....I would drive to Sherwood, meet up with Bruce, another guy from our association and the crew umpire, and we would head north to hook up with the rest of the crew, before heading to Holland.

When we arrived we discovered that the rain and wind were gone, the fake grass in fine shape, and the weather just right for a Friday night game....which went on without any major problems...Christian won in a walk 48-14, we showered, dressed, and headed for "Ralphie's" a mile away for a burger and a couple of beers....Bruce and I arrived back in Sherwood about 1:30 Saturday Morning, and I jumped in my car and headed the remaining 52 miles to Celina...tired, I fired up a good hand rolled cigar, and enjoyed that, while staying away for the next hour...I arrived home at 2:35....

I finally got to bed about 4:30, was up before 9{thankful my JV game at Crestview had been cancelled}....and didn't accomplish much the rest of the day...I did mow the back yard, and watched Ohio State and their pathetic Sophomore Quarterback, Terrell Pryor, and his coach, pee down their respective legs in losing to a weak Purdue team...I called this last year, the kid and is overrated and the coach, Jim Tressel, clueless when it comes to Pryor's faults....not much satisfaction in being "right".

Tired from 9 hours sleep in 2 full nights, I hit the bed, and instantly fell asleep....and now here I am, just passed 6, on my 3rd cup of coffee.

Will go to church around 10, do a Rec League Tournament Double Header with Garry at 1....and let the rest of this Sunday play itself out, after that.

My football season is winding down, and the Salmon Fishing trip with Nick is just around the corner.....back later>>>
Photos-A view from the press box at Holland(Ohio) Sprinfield's new turf and stadium, where I worked the Friday Night game...and a Down Trodden Jim Tressel of Ohio State...the guy is still yet to figure out he ruined this team last year when he benched quarterback Todd Boeckman in favor of his personal messiah Terrell Pryor.

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Shrinky said...

My goodness, you sure cover a lot of ground, don't you? I can't function so well with under seven hours sleep - those days are long gone! Hubby and I tend to hit the sack around 11pm, either read or watch the telly for an hour or so, and almost always have lights out before midnight.

We have turned into our parents!