Friday, October 23, 2009

New Camera

Burning Bushes in front of Nick's Place

My Buddy Jeff aka "The Fat Hairy Bastard"

has been giving me a friendly hard time about my old Sony Maciva Camera I have had since fact I own 2 of them, and 800 and 900 models, and they back in the "old" days of Digital Cameras when they were the Cadillacs of Digital Cameras. Both costing in the close to $1000..Patricia got me my first one for Christmas 1998...and I have been faithful to them to a fault{the quality is just not as good as the new multi-pixal types} ever since.

So, with the problems the floppy disk drive on my PC has been having, I figured I'd upgrade to a new model with a memory card system...I found several on sale at Wally World yesterday and finally settled on a Fuji-Film A220 with 12.2 MegaPixels...I'm still fine tuning it, but I thought the Burning Bushes over at Nick's place came out OK....

Off to do a cold football game at Spencerville with Sam{home from Ohio State for the day}...enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Photos-Nick's "Burning Bushes" and left the old Sony Maciva...which I still like, but time says we must move on.

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Sarge Charlie said...

I miss fall so much, I had a couple of burning bushes in podunk.