Monday, October 5, 2009

American Heroes vs American Zeros

Really not a Hell of a lot to talk/blog/write about this Monday morning{what else in new?}

I did do 4 games of Jr High Girls basketball fall league variety yesterday, my first games of round ball since I blew out my calf back in February...went almost 4 hours with 10 minute breaks in between games....the legs are sore, as are the feet, but I survived. Basketball on a hard wood floor is totally different than baseball or football on the grass/turf....and more stress is put on the body....gotta say though I enjoyed the change, the scrimmage season is only a month away.

Tonight(JV) and tomorrow(JH) football at Celina.....

For lack of anything to rant or dwell about...I will just post a few "mug shots" of people I consider American Heroes...and follow it up with their counterparts, American Zeros....

These folks from entertainment non traditional politics, and and the academia.....tell it like it like it is....

Living American Heroes_____{had to add Ronald Reagan at the top, RIP Mr President!

Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, Rocker Ted Nugent, Country Singer Toby Keith, Sarah Palin, writer Thomas Sowell, Michael Savage, Former Governor Sarah Palin, and some of us old Vietnam Security Police guys from last winter's in Dayton, Ohio.

American Zeros___{These assclowns are out to destroy the republic through perversion, lies, and Marxism}

Just a small sample of American Traitors and Asshats...From Obama, the Clintons, Joe Biden, non funnyman Chevy Chase, useless Jimmy Carter, John McCain{tool of the media}, Nazi Bill Mahar, Letterman, Keith Oldblowaman, and Fat Albert Dimwit Sharpton...a really collection of Tool Bags of the American Left!

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