Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama wins the Noble Peace Prize/Friday Views

I almost laughed out loud when I saw the news that our beloved Kenyan-in-Chief had won the Nobel Peace Prize awarded by 5 Norwegian leftists....joining the likes of Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and sitting Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson{the other fascist Presidents before Obummer}. My old friend Bill e-mailed me and asked "What the Hell?" or something like that, when he heard the Ebony Messiah was awarded this "prestigious" award...joining the likes of Henry Kissinger and his North Vietnamese counterpart. That right before the North murdered and exterminated their South Vietnam cousins, after we cut and ran from the Vietnam War in 1975....

Folks The Nobel Peace Prize, like our half asses President is a joke....nothing to get upset water off a duck's back, this, like the Obummer, too shall pass. What next? "Queen of the World" honors for Michelle?
Even the lap dog Associated Press questions this so-called "award":

Speaking of Water on a Duck____

Garry and I headed for St Henry last night to do a Junior High double header between the home standing Redskins and rival was wet, windy, and growing colder by the minute, when we got started at 5pm....but the time we finished at 7:45, the feet and hands were pretty frozen. I will have to say my "under armour" kept my legs and body pretty dry, so it could have been worse. Tonight I drive the 70 miles north to Edgerton{near the Ohio Turnpike}, for a game with the 6-0 Bulldogs and their Green Meadows Conference rival Sherwood Fairview at 4-2....I originally posted that the game was at Fairview, but the crew chief informed me that he had the wrong location, so Edgerton on Route 49, north of Antwerp and Hicksville it's still raining, hopefully things will dry off somewhat by game time....gonna be a long night, a long drive home, then tomorrow morning, Sam and I head back north, this time to Paulding, for a JV contest.

Speaking of Sam...he was taping the Ohio State Hockey opener last evening, the Buckeyes blew a lead, and fell to visiting Quinapac 4-2...this afternoon he works a OSU Women's Soccer game, then heads home...he's got a long weekend in store, hopefully he's keeping at his studies.

Double Header Rec league games with Sam here in Celina on Sunday, will finish off the weekend. The weather looks to stay cooler than normal, but should dry off after the rain ends this evening....Cool and dry is and wet sucks.

Enjoy the Weekend...back later>>>>


Deborah Wilson said...

Do you understand what just happened here??? A bone has been dangled by the international community - by accepting the prize, Obama will be expected to continue his good works and keep his guns in the locker. I couldn't let this pass, I had to comment on it on my blog.

PRH....... said...

Yep Deb..The Obummer has been given marching orders by the Euro Trash Left telling him, "Keep the troops out of Afgan"....He is a fool, and non Muslim Euros are cowards.

Just the way things are in the 21st Century...Neville Chamberlin lives!