Monday, October 12, 2009

Rehasing the Weekend

The unusually cool October continues...must be Global Warming at it's Zenith...right Al Gore?

The weekend was wet on Friday night, cool, and sunny for the remainer....


Friday afternoon with a steady rain I headed north on the 70 mile drive to Edgerton to meet up with the crew I was filling in at Umpire for in the Green Meadows Conference game between the home standing Bulldogs at 6 wins 0 loses, and league rival Fairview Apaches(4-2) out of Sherwood. I arrived early at 5:30 in a steady rain, and found the Athletic Director and was seated in the locker room waiting for the rest of the crew, driving from various parts around the state...the rain continued.

We finally hit the field at 7PM in time for the coin toss so we could get that over before the Homecoming Night events took place....the rains slowed at we approached kick off time at 7:30.

The game was intense and the crew caught their share of Hell from fans and coaches alike....the field however held up well, and the final was Fairview 41-25 in a high scoring shootout, thus handing the home team it's first loss....after our post game meeting, where I was asked to fill in this Friday at Vinton County{some 185 miles south of Celina, which I turned down...that would be some drive, and hardly worth the time and quick turnaround I would need}, I then headed south for the 90 minute drive back through Hicksville, Antwerp, Payne, and Van Wert, smoking a nice mild 1876 hand rolled cigar on the way home....the smoke lasted almost until I hit Celina...the best part of the evening, without a doubt.


Sam had returned to Celina Friday night, just after I arrived home at 12:30am. We would work the JV game at Paulding on Saturday morning. When we arrived around 9:30am, the field there was pretty muddy around the middle of the field, and it got worse as the game least it was sunny, albeit cool...that game ended with a 30-6 Allen East win over the home team....after getting home at 12:30, I spent the rest of the day, sitting in my lawn chair, out back smoking a couple of cigars and downing a 6 pack plus of Miller Lite...the lack of sleep and 2 ball games in less than 18 hours was going to prevent me from doing much I sat outside in the sun, with shades on, listening to the Ohio State win over Wisconsin, and chilling out!


I decided to forego Church on Sunday good excuse, besides being tired and facing a Rec League double header, once again with Sam on Sunday afternoon....Those game went smooth between a Celina team and one from Randolph, Indiana....Sam and I finished up aroudn 5pm, and headed home.

Sam headed back to Columbus about nightfall....I continue to rest my 60 year old body from the effects of rain, cold, and 4 football games officiated in less than 48 hours....

Tonight I once again head north for a JV contest, this one in Antwerp....they are not calling for rain, but at this hour the radar says different...

Those are the highlights from my exciting weekend life...M>R>S> Board meeting at noon, so I'll cut this one off...back later>>>>

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