Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Blasts from the Past!

Finished off the Celina JV game against Lima Shawnee last night around 7...the Bulldogs continue to struggle at just about every level{with the exception of the 8th grade team}...last night's 29-6 Indian win was no exception, the varsity game on Friday was worse...a 52-0 blowout. Tough to see your old Alma Mater struggle, especially with kids I coached years ago, including my back yard neighbor's youngest son{graduated with Hal} on the staff and head coaching the JV team. The once perennial state ranked Dogs have been down for a decade. When the old coach retired, they brought in a guy who was successful at the lower division levels, but was clueless how to run a large school, platoon football team..Division 2 is not Division 6. He was a disaster, and got the axe and headed back to a small school where he is again successful...bring back in the old coach, that seldom works out, and the next 3 years with him have set the tone for what Celina has today.

Hopefully they will give the young guys a couple of more years to turn the program around...it won't be easy...but I wish them luck.

After going 2 weeks with no weight loss{after losing 9 pounds the first 2 weeks of my modified 2000 calorie/250 carb Diabetes 2 Diet}, I have dropped 3 pounds in the few days...bringing me down to 196 pounds, this is the lowest weight on my frame since just before Thanksgiving 2005. My top weight ever was 224 back in 1998 when I was into weight lifting the heavy stuff, then "curling" a six pack or more of Miller Lite after every workout....the last time I weighted in at 180 was probably 1990 or so, before I began weight lifting with a passion at age 40...the heavy weight days of lifting and the heavy weight of my body are hopefully gone. The bones and joints are not up to bench pressing 300 pounds in multiple reps these days, and those same joints need not carry around the plus 200 pounds.

In a related note, the blood pressure is good as well...133/64 with a pulse rate of 64 last I looked, another few months of this, and hopefully I can avoid any meds for the Diabetes and maybe get off the BP Medication I've been on for the past 22 months...Time will tell, and although the legs and back ache at times from the running up and down the fields and courts, at 60 years old, I'm not gonna complain...I see too many folks my age and younger, who have let themselves get past the point on no return....and Hell I see down a few beers most days, and smoke a good hand rolled cigar now and then!


I titled this thread "More Blasts from the Past" but forgot why? :D The mind is the first thing to go they say.....

I did walk out and checked out my Sunflowers this morning...they are drying on the vines, and I guess it's time to "Google" and figure out just how to store the heads and seeds...I'm not a Sunflower Seed eater, but I figured I had this much time invested in the damn things, I'm gonna dry them out, and at least see if I can batch up my own....who knows, maybe the squirrels and back yard Doves will enjoy them....if I don't?

I also uncovered my Buick Landau...I've pictured it before but it looked real good in the early sun this morning. The 1977 2 door powder blue Buick has just 61,896 original miles on it...one spot on the hood needs some "bondo" replaced and a dent in the drivers side behind the door, compliments of Sam, when he owned it, need repaired...new exhaust system from top to bottom, a heavy duty battery, and it should be ready for the open road....maybe next year. I've been putting off the project, but figure I better get it done...I don't think Patricia is real happy with it taking up half the garage during the winter, while my 2 other cars set outside....speaking of which: The Jeep is still topless, but looking at the future forecast, I guess it's time to give up the ghost, and put the rag top back on for the rest of fall and winter...it will come off sometime around Memorial Day 2010....unless I decide to sell it, and use the profits for the reclamation project on the Buick.

A few weeks ago I mentioned and posted a photo of me and my childhood buddies Bob Jones and Don "Rat" Boyce....Bob and I were next door neighbors throughout High School and entered the military the same time, back in the summer of 1968...here are a couple of photos compare, last month Pat, Don, and Bob at 60 something, and Bob Jones{left} and Me, on June 23, 1968, the night before I flew off to Amarillo AFB, for Air Force Basic Training... I don't think we have change all that much, do you?

Off to mow Mom's yard, got mine done yesterday, and another Celina based football game tonight, this one a Junior High 7th grade contest...back later>>>>

Top-the 77 Buick 61 thousand original miles/Celina Bulldog logo hasn't changed much since I graduated in 1967...not sure the same can be said for me, The new 196 pound me, with some of my drying Sunflowers, 30 heads, and what to do with all of the Sunflower Seeds?...bottom left, last month, Houseworth, Boyce, and Jones, then 6/23/68 Jones and Houseworth...double click to see the full glory!


BRUNO said...

Man, them ol' Buicks were the REAL definition of a cruiser! I always thought they had the prettiest interiors and trim!

(Even if they were mostly driven by "old-people over 40!", back when I still wasn't...!)

PRH....... said...

We now resemble those remarks Bruno... :D

BRUNO said...

Yeah, I know!

I'm still in the "old-SUV"-stage. Another 10-15 years, and I'll be ready for the "Buick-With-Heated-Velour-Power-Seats" designation...!