Friday, October 23, 2009

Blogger Blues test!

Not sure if this will even post on the main page....seems Blogger has frozen my front page{while my other blogs are fine, go figure}....
And of course, once I add a new post{this one} it goes back to "normal", whatever the Hell that is for this system?
Back Later>>>>
Well things appear to be back to "normal" least as normal as can be expected in the Blogger Universe.
Barry Obummer is still Prez and still a moron, the left wing press is still the left wing press...It's raining again in West Central Ohio, and I'm thankful that I have no games tonight, as the wind and cold appear to be in for the evening hours, even while the rain abates for awhile.
Saturday brings cooler temperatures, and I'm guessing a muddy field for our JV game at Spencerville...and the extended forecast for the northeastern areas of Michigan along the Au Sable River look cool and cloudy for late next week...let's hope that will be great for Steelhead and Salmon.
Enjoy the Weekend...Back Later>>>>{tomorrow or Monday}


United Citizens Council said...

This is a test, this is only a test.

Do not push "Back" on your browser, do not delete, please do not resize your window. This will only take a moment.

Mmmmm mmmm mmmmm Barack Hussein Obama

Mo, Big Mo! "Welcome to Moe's, ya wanna beer or what?"

Mom, we all love Mom, unless she was a serial killer or something

Mome, roaming Mome?

Momen, Momen, failed sex change patient


This test has been concluded

PRH....... said...

lol...I think things are back to "NORMAL" whatever the Hell that means.