Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hal Gets a Chance to Teach/7 Days until Salmonfest 2009

Yesterday approached a little cooler and windy later in the back to the 60s, some rain coming later, and then tomorrow begins a wet and cool stretch that may last until I head for Michigan or longer.

Dartball League starts November 9th....St. Johns is the home of the league tournaments and banquet this year, so guess by elimination I am the League Prez...more busy work.

Tonight Jr High Football at Crestview in Convoy...just a couple of games to follow, then the November 7th games at Westview will end my football I head into Basketball season in mid November.

Hal gets to teach High School{for 6 weeks}___

Since completing his Masters in High School History/Social Studies Education this past summer, Hal began working full time working with Autistic youth...he made the cut in several interviews for High School teaching positions, but was not offered a full time job. No surprise in this job market, most teachers are staying on longer(most 35 years or more), and the permanent teaching jobs in most areas of Ohio and the Midwest are few and far between.

Hal worked his Masters Student Teaching at Fairborn High School near Dayton and Wright-Patterson AFB last school year, and got an interview there but no job for this school year. He got a call earlier this week that one of the regular teachers needed time off until the Christmas Vacation comes along in mid-December, and they asked Hal if he would teach High School History in this teachers place until that time....He made his changes in his work schedule and took the offer. He'll be busy, working basically 2 full time jobs until Christmas.

I'm sure he'll do fine, and after all, this will look good on his Resume'...Hal wants to be a High School History Teacher, and this cannot hurt, and he is looking forward to it.....I'm leaving in an hour or so to take his Diplomas and his Teachers License to him...we will meet up in Piqua, about a 45-50 minute drive for each of us...Good Luck Hal, your mom and I are sure you'll do fine and enjoy this challenge.

The Michigan Salmon Fishoff....7 days and counting___

Stocking up on Cigars, Drambuie, and Beer. Also will begin to check my fishing poles and tackle box to make sure lines, baits, and lures, are in order----Next Thursday afternoon{or Friday morning early, depending if Tom is around in Dreshler} Nick and I will head for Tawas City, Michigan, and the mouth of the Au Sable River, and west shore of Lake Huron.

Last season we kind of flew by the seat of our pants and did well...this year we have things planned out...hopefully the Salmon and the weather cooperate. I am stoked.

Off to Piqua___

back later>>>>>
Hal's Masters Diploma/Teaching License(Ohio), and I hope we can bring a few of these home again this year, and maybe expand our variety.


Donald Borsch Jr. said...

I'm jealous.

Growing up in Michigan near Kalamazoo in a small town named Alamo, I used to spend hours upon hours during Spring and Summer and Fall trying to land that ever elusive Northern Pike that I knew was out there.

I spent way too much money at the local Bass Pro Shop trying to figure out how to get that big boy to bite, but...he always beat me.

Those were the days, to be sure.

Again, I'm jealous.

PRH....... said...

Don: I have realtives in the Houseworth/Mumy Clan that lived in Alamo back in the day{1900-1950}...small world.

Larry said...

The very best to Hal. It'll work out well for him once some of those old-timers bail. Hey, maybe Pop can get a gig as a TA for the lad!

Law and Order Teacher said...

Tell him to hang in there. I did my time as a sub and my daughter is there now. Things shake out. He's always good to sub for us at West Carrollton HS. We always need subs. Good luck to him.

PRH....... said...

Thanks Steve....he came in 2nd to a more experience teacher at Fairborn, when they had an opening this summer, but they felt enough to call him for this temp opening, even though he was working full timem with the Autistic he's at least working full time+...which is good in this day and age in Ohio.

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