Thursday, October 15, 2009

Air Force Reunions

The utterly ugly October weather continues in west central Ohio, and around the Midwest in general. Most years, weather wise, October is my favorite month...last year it was great, 70s and 80s and sunny for most of the month. This year, Halloween month is an exception...the weather has stunk. Cold, wet, and basically miserable....last year I wore shorts for all the under varsity football games, right through the end of the season...this year, I've been wearing long pants and knickers since the end of September.

Today, scheduled at Spencerville for a 5pm Junior High game...40 for a high, maybe, and a cold rain is falling at this time...snow flurries possible for tomorrow night's Varsity games....usually we don't get this stuff until mid or late November.

October, Air Force Reunion Month____

The old geezers from my Vietnam days usually get together for their annual reunions in October....The Vietnam Security Police Association{VSPA}, where I am Life Member #575, just finished up it's reunion in Phoenix, and the Tan Son Nhut Association kicks off their annual reunion in Tennessee today, down in Dollywood Country.

I didn't make the VSPA reunion again this year it's in San Antonio, and 2011 it will be in Dayton at Wright-Patterson AFB...if still kicking, I will make that 2011 for sure.

I have not joined the Tan Son Nhut Association yet, only because with football, baseball, and basketball officiating and other things on the plate, I don't feel I could do justice to all the associations. I left the American Legion, and never signed up with the VFW for those reason as well. Another association is the 377th Security Police Association...the next reunion for that group will be in the spring of 2011 in Branson, Missouri.

Maybe one of these days, I will get around to participating in these events in a more timely manner...but for right now, I will continue to set up our "Mini-Reunion" for Air Force Vietnam and Thailand Security Police from the war years...our plans are to meet back at the AF Museum in Dayton in early March 2010.....perhaps down the road, I can give these other organizations the time and attention they need.

Computer glitches___

Seems our computer has a problem with the "Floppy Drive"...whenever I try to start a program or download a photo from my old Sony Digital{which uses the 3.5 floppy disks} the computer shuts down....guess it's either time to upgrade my camera, or take the computer into the shop....troubleshooting on site has not worked so far. So the only photos for now, will be from the Internet, or old stuff I have saved to the computer....ahhhh! The small things in life that piss just you off!
How's the Type 2 Diabetes Diet going you ask?___
Well maybe you didn't....
But so far, so good....I'm down from 208 on September 3rd to 195 this morning...still drinking my daily beer or 3. My BP has settled in with an average range in the 133/70 with a pulse rate at 62 or so...not bad for a 60 1/2 year old, heading for far no meds for the Diabetes, and I'm hopeful, at the next Doc appointment, I can dump the BP meds as well.... as I said, so far, so good.
I'll leave off with that...back later>>>>
Photos-Top Left/Our Mini Reunion of AF/Vietnam Sky Cops from last January, and patches of Associations I am close to...The VSPA/The Tan Son Nhut Association, and the 377th SPS at Tan Son Nhut, RVN.


BRUNO said...

Oh, you'll LOVE Branson in 2011! I've been told that traffic-issues on the main "drag" are a bitch, but maybe they'll have it sorted-out better by then!

Yeah, cold, wet, and nasty. But it sure makes for some sweet-moves on a slimy, muddy football field! Just add in a few inches of snow, an' ya' got yerself a REAL-game...!

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I am hope I can make it to the San Antonio reunion this year. Guess I'll have to join VSPA at some point.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

I am hope I can make it to the San Antonio reunion this year. Guess I'll have to join VSPA at some point.

PRH....... said...

Only $15 G-OS..might as well join before we all die!

Mom has been to Branson, I've been a few miles north on I-44 Bruno{on my RV runs}, I hear it is something...took a piece of the Ozarks and made little Vegas.

Sarge Charlie said...

I want to thank you for all the kind words and support you have given to the old sarge, thanks buddy.

PRH....... said...

You are welcome Sarge...the prayers are coming at ya! Get Well soon.

Larry said...

Similar crappy weather in N. IL too, Pat. [Will the rain and drizzle EVER end?] Re the "B/P" issue: my doc surprised me a few months ago when he said, "Hey, a systolic under 135 is actually OK." I've heard for years should be under 120.

Law and Order Teacher said...

I'm on Meds and it isn't that bad. Your weight seems to be plummeting and that's good. It seems that's the deal when it comes to keeping diabetes at bay. Keep fighting it. I am.