Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day of Decision....

The wind, warm temperatures, and sunshine of the past couple of days, was replaced overnight by the sound of thunder, more whipping winds, and rain against the upstairs bedroom windows.....and although the temperatures are warm at this early hour of 9am, the approaching cold front front will pass through by Noon, and the temps will fall off into the 40s.

Last night Garry and I headed for Van Wert...another in a long line of rules meetings for the upcoming baseball season...which frankly, for me at least, is now in limbo.  A week ago, I was trying to budget a couple of hundred dollars for the upcoming season, by deciding what new behind the plate mask I would buy, as well as some new pants and other accessories, and with the sports officials outfit scheduled to be at our meeting, I was ready to plunk down some cash...however, that all changed within a couple of days.

Day of Decision, coming up this afternoon_____

So last night, I purchased nothing, nor did I order anything for shipment...Why?  Pretty simple really, I am not sure if there will be a baseball season for me...and if there is, it may be just the summer ACME and Legion spring baseball season, by far my favorite time and sport of the year, is in a holding pattern...this afternoon may indeed give me the answer, and I am prepared for the worst.

Patricia took off today, and we are getting ready to head out to the local Bob Evans Restaurant, once done with breakfast, I can get my paper work, CDs, and self in order for the road trip to Lima, for a 1:50pm appointment with my near future.  The cardio specialist will decide what I need done with the arteries in my neck...I am guessing surgery is coming, and coming soon.  So even with a warmer March than expected, it appears instead of a opening umpire gig at Lima Central Catholic on my 63rd birthday, March 16th, I more than likely be getting ready, or already have had surgery at Lima Memorial Hospital....

If this happens, I am facing at least six weeks off...maybe more, which would gut my Spring season, probably trash my tournament games, for this year and next, because of numbers needed, and basically put me behind the 8 ball, as I wind down my officiating career.   It is not something I care to have happen...but you need to face reality, and that I am trying to come to grips with that.

Basketball I, frankly, can live without, and would have no problem giving up if and football?  Not so I will do and accept what needs to be done, and hopefully I can move forward....the one thing I don't plan on doing, if I can help it, is turn into a couch potato kind of person.  In all seriousness, I don't want to live that way.  I've been way too active, way too long.  I realize you cannot control all things in your life....but I plan on doing what I can to return to, or at least maintain what I have worked for, in the past dozen years.  After working at many jobs, in different places over my lifetime, I have found a niche...and I refuse to give it up without a fight.

At the meeting last night, I was nominated and elected, without opposition, as President-Elect of the 75 member association...if I continue, which I plan on regardless of today's decision, I would assume the mostly ceremonial position beginning in I turn 65...hopefully I will still be kicking and umpiring come that date...but God is in charge of that, I'm just along for the ride.

If, after the appointment today, I find out any surgery or procedure is put off until next week, Patricia and I will prepare for the "Mini" Vietnam Reunion, which begins tomorrow in Dayton.....I'll be back later today, or in the morning to report on that.

back later>>>>


Sam said...

we will be praying for the best for you brother. Se ya tomorrow.

mark brooks said...

for what its worth. my father-in-law had that procedure done back in the late 80's at Travis AFB no less, and it all came out fine.

PRH....... said...

Thanks guys....will let all know via facebook and/or e-mail lwhat the scoop is. Frankly I am not worried...being the selfish ass I am, I'm more worried about finding replacements for the 50 games I am schedule to work between 3/16 and May 10th....if it comes to that.

Rick Adams said...

Hoping for the best, Pat. See you Saturday.