Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring, Spring, What Spring?

Today is the day that winter officially moves out and spring replaces it....the Groundhog blew this prediction big time however, the 6 weeks of winter that never was.

85 today is the predicted high, the same for tomorrow, before things drop a bit, but remain in the 60s and 70s for the remainder of March.  At least that is how the forecasts read....

I turned on the A/C yesterday, and it was working at summer levels as the evening air cooled things off, so about 8pm I shut it down and opened the windows back up....already in the 70s this morning, I suspect the air conditioning will get another test run today.

If not for the surgery I would be scheduled to work my second Varsity Baseball scrimmage today, but Garry has agreed to fill in.  Sam, home from Ohio State will take my place at LCC on Thursday and for the beginning season double header at Van Wert on Saturday....frankly I am not sure if I will be ready to open the season next Monday at Paulding, but will give it a day or two to see how I progress.

One thing for sure, with the metal staples, not scheduled to come out until April 4th...if I do start back umpiring before then, I will have to make some adjustments in my work habits, both behind the plate and in the field.  I began the adjustment yesterday when I called down to Columbus and ordered a new full face Hockey Goalie type mask for behind the plate work.  I really had not planned on getting one of those, I thought they look cumbersome and out of place, but with more protection, and I need that added assurance, I took the plunge, and bought a Diamond  Mask....setting me back about $120, hopefully it will fill the bill.

Yesterday I alternated between the back steps and working indoors...cleaning and washing up both my and Sam's equipment for the season...today I will probably do much of the same, and get the basketball clothing put in the back basement room for the next 7 months, and pull out the grey and blue baseball wear....wash what needs it, and pack the rest for the upcoming season.

One thing I promised myself when I retired almost 10 years ago, back in the late summer of 2002, is that I would not sit around, getting bored, fat, and lazy.  I pretty much kept myself to that promise.  A set back in 03 with the blown appendix, but for the most part I have stayed busy.  For the first five years with driving RVs and baseball umpire work, for the last five, baseball, football, and basketball officiating, as well as working out with weights and trying to stay healthy....but no matter how hard you try, you cannot fool Father Time, or your family genes. 

I had somebody ask if I was now going to give up my love of good Stout Beer and hand rolled cigars...?  My answer was pretty simple..."You can count the number of Cigars I smoke a year on my toes and fingers...if 20 cigars that I don't inhale are going to kill me...then what the Hell does it matter?  As far as beer, even good quality dark beers?...I doubt if that in moderation is going to damage me to an extreme, and if a few non inhaled cigars or beer is my problem...I'm screwed anyway".  So, yes, I may give up the few cigars I smoke a year....and even cut back on my beer...but seriously, I doubt that they are what caused my carotid arteries to become clogged...time, genes, and past life fatty foods, are likely the issue there.  Frankly right up until my 63rd birthday, last Friday, when they operated on me....I would have put myself up against 99% of people my age as far an active lifestyle and my overall condition...and just as frankly, I'm not planning on slowing down, if and when I get back to normal.  Let's face it, for people like me, that is not an option....life is meant to be lived to it's fullest.  I will not set in a rocker, watching the tube, and waiting to go out just to live a long life in years....that is just not going to happen, if I can help it.

Of course I sure the Hell didn't want to become a veggie and sitting around waiting for major stroke damage either....thus I took the operation option....and I will hopefully recover and move on from this point.

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Photos-85 on March 20th, unheard of in western Ohio...a record day, as was yesterday, and as tomorrow will be...went will we pay for this?  The New Umpire Mask....not sure if it's where I want to go...but the extra protection is needed in my current state.  The back yard, later afternoon March 19th...looking more like mid to late April....the Lilac Trees usually bloom about 3 weeks from now, and they are ready.

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