Monday, March 5, 2012

The Death of Andrew Brietbart, Sheriff Joe, and the Anti-American Left....

It snowed a bit overnight, with a cold wind and blowing flurries, the road conditions were not the best as the sun rose in the eastern sky....some schools in the far north, towards the Findlay area were canceled, those near Lima were delayed two hours....around here?  No delays, just some slick spots...which will be gone by tomorrow, as temperatures are predicted to rise into the 50s for a couple of consecutive days.

Dragging/Drugging through the Days______

With the Cardio Specialist telling me to take it easy, take these meds, and do little else, but fill out paper work before my visit to the Lima Docs on Thursday, I basically spent the weekend writing, posting on fb, and blogging about the political scene, as well as watching Hockey and College Basketball on the be frank, It was a Gawd Damn Bore!

I despise sitting around, wasting my time, and my life, doing crap that matters very little in the long term...frankly it matters little in the short term either...given time to think at all, you wonder?  Well Hell you just wonder.....

The Death of Brietbart____

I'm sure many of my readers have no idea who Andrew Breitbart was...frankly, although I subscribed to his e-mail and facebook items, I was not a devotee of him myself.  I was aware that he was about to release video of one Barack Obama during the Kenyan Assclowns college days, that report to show him cavorting with fellow Marxists spewing hate for America...well Hell, no surprise there, anybody with a functional brain knows one foreign born Barack Obama, or whatever the Hell name he calls himself, is a enemy agent against the United States...if you don't believe that, you might as well leave this blog....he is and has been for years. 

Seems Brietbart was about to release the tapes on March 1st....suddenly Andrew Brietbart, with a history of heart issues, dies just after Midnight on March 1st in Los Angeles, on a city street...within two hours the death is declared "Natural Causes"...two hours?  With autopsy yet to be performed???  I'm calling this Bullshit, perhaps Murder, at the hands of persons unknown...but the suspects, if they exist, I suspect, lead right to the far left sock puppet that sits in our White House. 

The big question now is..."Will the people who have taken over Andrew Breitbart's work, release the tapes"?  And if they do, will they receive the gift of death?  Or will the tapes suddenly disappear?  That is also a big possibility....courtesy of threats of a rogue government, led by a enemy agent, calling himself Barack Obama.  Fact is, I've never been a conspiracy nut....until now!

The Sheriff Joe Press Conference and Aftermath____

Yesterday, on a rare Sunday posting, I devoted the entire blog to the one hour plus press conference that Sheriff Joe Arpiro of Phoenix, Arizona, had late last week.  It concerned the fake Birth Certificate and fake Selective Service Card that Obama has presented, under pressure, as GENUINE.  Anybody that watched the evidence presented, cannot dismiss it...of course most of the press, including, so called Conservative/Right Wing Fox News, is doing just that.  The rats it seems, are running for cover...this includes most of the GOP establishment.

Let there be no doubt...Obama's documents are forged, or they don't just depends on which documents you are looking for.....

The press conference laid the facts out...the press, and liberals, turned a blind eye...they don't want the truth, after all, why would the want a stain on their ebony Messiah....?  Why indeed?  As for Fox News, Glenn Beck, and the rest in the so called "alternative media", as well as so called Conservatives in political circles, who are denying the facts or ignoring them...why?  Pretty simple is my guess...they are being is a view from one conspiracy site:

While the left calls the evidence "crazy" all makes pretty good sense to me.  The left has the weak kneed right on the run...Fox News and Rupert Murdock are no longer the voice of Conservatives, nor or they "Fair and Balanced" ....they have caved in the face of pressure from the Obama Administration and the hard left....
Fox has caved, they{Obama and Company} are going after Limbaugh through his sponsors for telling the truth with his "Birth Control Slut" comments...Rush is caving, Beck, has caved...Brietbart is dead, and Joe Arpiro is next in line for the left to destroy.

I am not sure there is anybody out there willing to fight to the thing for certain..America is at the Cross Roads, and anybody that won't fall in line with Obama and Company will get run over.....

The election of 2012 matters very little....the end of the Republic is nearing...and whether it's Romney, Santorum, or somebody else facing is all but over, unless something big happens, whether natural or supernatural.  The end of the Republic is closer than we have been led to believe.

Meanwhile....I fill out paperwork and wonder ....well Hell, I just wonder!

back later>>>>

Photos-Andrew Breitbart, dead {murdered?} at 43...Sheriff Joe, last man standing?  And the Dictator Wannabee, in reality, just a weak puppet of the far left...serving his masters.

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Deborah Wilson said...

An excellent post - it reflects what is on the minds of many....Sheriff Joe is under-fire [and has been for a long time] for his courageous stand against illegal immigration. The feds and many groups are trying to get him fired for Civil Rights violations - which is total crap - when did upholding State and Federal law(s) become a crime in this country? It is already proven fact that the Mexican drug cartel is holding hands with Hezbollah...Sheriff Joe doesn't want them operating in his county [or state]. It's that simple.

Andrew Brietbart - many are suspicious about his death - but I'm waiting on the medical examiner's findings. Now, if a member of his family or team ends up dead, then I'll wonder too...I have reason to feel this way - heart problems run on my Mom's side of the family - and many have died young. One thing is certain at this point in time - Andrew Brietbart was a true patriot and warrior - his undercover work of ACORN was superb - and he will be be missed.

I'm afraid that you are right - this is the beginning of the end of our Republic. This year's election may very well be our last stand - not only for our Republic - but for Christianity as well.