Friday, March 30, 2012

Two Weeks out from Surgery...

A bit of rain came through overnight....and still a chance that more will come along this afternoon, but at this time, most appears to be heading north....good, I'm looking forward to a warmer and dryer than normal Spring.  60 or so today, then a warm up for a few days, before settling into the 60-65 range for the middle and late next least that is what they are saying.

The Surgery Recovery, 2 weeks out_____

Two weeks ago, Patricia and I were heading to Lima Memorial at this hour, and by late afternoon I was in the recovery room....that was how I celebrated my 63rd birthday, undergoing and recovering from Carotid Artery surgery on the right side of my neck.  Yesterday I went back to my cardio doc in New Bremen for a check up....things looked good, my blood pressure was in the normal range, as it has been since returning home from surgery.  I've lost the weight I gained before surgery, and this morning I set at 192, some five pounds less than before I entered the hospital.  I plan on losing 10 pounds before Summer's end, but at this point, that is not a problem, the problem will be getting myself back working out on a daily basis.

I am scheduled for a stress test in 6 weeks, more blood work in 5....I fear I am becoming most of what I never wanted to be....a regular visitor to the doctors....and frankly I don't like it, or the fact that I now take 5 pills a day.  What the Hell happened?  Five weeks ago, I was feeling great, getting ready for baseball season, as basketball season wore down.  I was, in my opinion, as healthy and tough as a 62 year old could be, now as March winds down, I am deciding what and how much I can do, and when I can do more.

Despite it all, I headed for Spencerville yesterday afternoon, for my fourth game to umpire in four days....a varsity contest between the home team and the defending Division IV state champions from Minster.  The visiting Wildcats, have most of their starting pitching returning, and will be a threat again this year to be playing in Columbus on the first weekend in June.  The young Bearcats played well, but were no match for Minster...a 12-1 five inning run rule was over in less than 90 minutes and my partner Sean and I headed home after a few minutes reviewing the game.

Funny part is, well maybe not so funny, Sean, the last time we umpired together couldn't do the plate, he was coming off major arm and shoulder surgery, and I worked the plate at St Henry...he ended up taking the entire season off, and is just now getting back into umpiring work.  I know how that feels, if you do something you like, it is tough sitting out for a long period.  I feel just by missing the few games I had to turn back this Spring, plus the plate games I am not doing early in the season, is really putting a damper on my season.  However, it could have been much much worse.

So here is where I stand....I am recovering, my voice is coming back, far from 100% and I still cannot yell or make long distance conversation on the diamond like I am used to....but things are returning.  I am also working on extra protection for my neck for when I return to plate work,  probably tomorrow, for at least one game.  Even when the medal staples come out of my neck next Wednesday, I will probably use that extra help.  I've never taken a hard hit in my neck while working a game, but others have, and I cannot afford to have it happen at this time....anytime actually, but this season for sure.

So that is how I am handling my recovery...Sam will be home tomorrow to work a double at Paulding, I'll have a triple at Delphos St. Johns, and Sam will probably head that way when his double header is finished, to help us out, if I don't feel I can complete three games.  Then Saturday night, I will crack open a couple of cold ones and watch the NCAA Final Four Semi-Final Games....Go Buckeyes!  Sunday will probably be reserved for mowing both sets of lawns...and I am sure Patricia will do the bulk of that, even though her knee is still not 100%....and I don't even want to think about a riding mower, another sign that time is no kind.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are...Back Later>>>>

Photos-It never ceases to amaze how fast things can turn around in one life....especially as you start to age, days and weeks, in fact hours, can see changes you never think about.  (Top) Here I am this morning, ready to start on today's posting....somewhat recovered from the surgery two weeks ago{second photo} which had me looking a bit like warmed over death....the looking back at last fall, when as a 62 year old, I was in as good as shape, or so I thought, that I had been in a decade.  Now I'm not sure if I will ever get back there, the weight lifting is on hold, I had planned on starting out with lite weight lifting next week, but now, I don't believe that will happen, and when it does, especially after taking this much time's will be a long haul and a struggle.  Such is life....

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