Friday, March 23, 2012

The String is Broken....Buckeyes Top Cincinnati...

The five day string of 80+ degree weather in western Ohio will be broken today....the record warm March weather will continue, but today and tomorrow will cool a bit with temperatures in the 70s.  Next week things, while still above normal, will settle into the 60s for the most part.  The hot spell was cooled overnight as showers and thunderstorms moved through the area, which I suspect will allow the grass, already way ahead of schedule, to keep growing.  This of course is a pain, due to my recovery process....hopefully Patricia and I can "team up" and get our lawn and mom's{yet to be mowed} done before the weekend passes.

Recovery Issues____

A week ago at this time I was sitting in Lima Memorial Hospital, playing the "waiting game"....I was about 4 hours away from surgery that has brought me to this point:

With the seemingly permanent "frog" in my throat, yesterday I scanned the Internet for carry over issues from Carotid Surgery.  My main concern was the hoarse voice, and whether that would be something that I would deal with long term...frankly, even with a call to the surgeon's office in Lima, I am still wondering.  It appears that a two week period in not unusual, and issues can stay with you for a month or even up to three months....then there is the chance that even that won't end your issues.  A ear, nose, and throat, specialist may eventually be needed...but then again, I am getting ahead of myself.  Even with the "frog" and my head somewhat in a "fog", I seem to be healing pretty well....and I hope to be near normal when I have the metal removed from my neck on April 4th.

Meanwhile, if I continue to feel up to it, I will resume umpire work on Monday at Paulding...but will not step behind the plate for awhile...not wanting to risk that chance, I will work the field, probably until the staples are removed.

Night One of the "Sweet Sixteen"_____

Three Big Ten teams, and two Ohio teams, were in action in the Regional Semi-Finals last night in the NCAA Basketball addition all four Big East teams played, the results were mixed.

The Big Ten went 1 win and 2 loses, all vs the Big East...Wisconsin was a one point loser to Syracuse, Michigan State was blown out by Louisville, but Ohio State saved some honor, by defeating in-state rival Cincinnati 81-66.  The Buckeyes quickly blew a 12 point half time lead coming out flat in the second half, but rallied in the final 10 minutes, to dispatch the Bearcats...they will take on Syracuse on Saturday night in Boston for a shot at the Final Four....

Tonight Ohio University will face North Carolina, and the other Ohio team, Xavier, out of Cincinnati, will take on Baylor out of the Big 12....

Meanwhile, down the road in Columbus, the Ohio Boys Championships continue today, with Division 2 and Division 1 Semi-finals....all four divisions will have their championship games tomorrow at Ohio State.

The Weekend Ahead____

I will take it easy this weekend...Sam has my games covered for tomorrow, although rain may force those to be canceled....I will sit around, watch hoops, and perhaps mow some lawn on Sunday.  By the time Monday rolls around, I hope to be un-"fogged" enough to venture behind the wheel of the van, and venture out on the diamond for the first time this season....taking it one step and one day at a time however, which can be frustrating as Hell....enjoy your weekend:

back later>>>>

Photos-March 2012, thus far, seems much like last Summer, and I hope to be able to relax near the lake soon enough....once my personal "fog" lifts, and my recovery is near completion.  Ohio State made the "Elite 8" by knocking off Cincinnati last night in Boston....a win over Syracuse will send the Buckeyes to the Final Four in Tampa, next weekend.  And baseball, high school baseball, starts it's regular season tomorrow...however, I will wait at least until Monday before heading back to the diamond.

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