Thursday, March 29, 2012

Out Like a Lamb?

Heck, March pretty well came in like a lamb, it appears it will go out likewise....cooler today, the 29th, some storms tomorrow, and on Saturday, the 31st, highs in the mid to upper 50s, and sunshine.  Pretty much still above average, with lower 70s by the end of the weekend.

Yesterday was a windy, but sunny and warm day, with highs in the lower 70s as I headed north to my birth town of Van work another game.   A varsity contest between the home town Cougars and visiting Lincolnview....George did the plate, as I still wait for my staples to be removed from the carotid artery...Saturday I will probably take a turn behind the dish, but I'm still trying to figure out how to give my self some extra support and protection around and under the new Diamond Helmet/Mask  I will work on that tomorrow, a rare day off, with the exception of Sundays, between now and mid May.

Down 3-0 early, Van Wert rallied and scored a baker's dozen, completing the 5 inning run rule game 13-3, in just about an hour and a half....I was home before 7:30, with the early 4:30 start.

Today I will head for New Breman to for a doctor's appointment with the cardio doctor, but frankly, I am not sure what the appointment, made before surgery, is about.  A check up is my guess, but with still a visit to the surgeon next week, for the staple removal...I'm not sure why this is needed?  I almost canceled, but decided one more visit, more or less, isn't worth the hassle to cancel and reappoint.

Later this afternoon, it's off to Spencerville for a game between the Bearcats and last seasons Division IV state champions, Minster.  Off Friday, and a scheduled triple header at Delphos St. Johns on I posted yesterday, my first big post surgery challenge of the season.

That's about it for today, no politics to bitch about...well actually I could, but that would then become a daily blogging matter, and I gave that up long ago...a little politics goes a long way.....sometimes way to long.

back later>>>>

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Tom said...

Good to see you survived the surgery Pat. Stay active and keep bloggin', a lot of us enjoy reading it.
P.S.Looks like we were in country about the same time (Nha Trang 68, Ban Me Thuot 69)USA MP