Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fake, Fake, Fake, Obama's Birth Certificate Exposed!

After years of cover up and denials, the Obama Fake Birth Certificate issue has once again taken Center Stage:

Not that any thinking person ever had a doubt that the half breed, half baked, half ass, half wit, Kenyan Grifter, was anything other than a phony and a short he was and is A FAKE.  His so called Birth Certificate is just as phony as the Kenyan Interloper.

Sheriff Joe, despised by the media, and the Obama Administration, do not use taxpayers money, but his own volunteer posse' to gather the dirt{see truth} about the Kenyan resulted in this hour plus long press conference:

Of course the lame stream {Obama Lap Dog} media will ignore it will Fox News, Beck, and the so called "Conservatives" in Congress....all too afraid what will happen if the truth comes out.

Obama is a ticking time bomb for the destruction of the Republic.  A hard core Marxist, who isn't even American Born.  The death{murder?} of Andrew Brietbart is but another volley in the war by Obama and Company on America:

I guess the question is....Who Will Turn Up Dead Next?

Anybody that has any doubt that the Kenyan and his followers are not out to destroy America, is a fool....a damn fool.  Obama himself, while not very bright, has surrounded himself with an evil core of radical Marxists, and America as we know it, burn, while the press fiddles, and Average Joe and Jane, watch the NBA and American Idol....

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Photos-Sheriff Joe has the good on Obammy and doubt he is now Enemy #1 to the left wing power brokers.  The Birth Certificate on Top is no less fake than the typed rag that Obama and Company has put out as "real"....all the while, below, our freedoms are being flushed down the crapper at the hands of Obama and the Media:


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