Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Romney Wins By a Razor Thin Margin.....and Another Beer Find, Fine Beer

March is proving the old adage, "March Winds"....we will see if they bring "April Showers"...hopefully not too many.   April is my main baseball umpiring month of the year...although at this point, depending on the results of my appointment with the Cardio Doc tomorrow, that remains to be seen for this Spring.

 Yesterday, after finishing my errands, which included Voting, driving to St Marys to pick up a CD of my CAT Scan, then to New Bremen for a CD of my Echo on the is an amazing thing these days....not necessarily for the better, but amazing none-the-less.

After picking up the medical CDs for tomorrow's visit to the Lima Cardio Group, I dropped by the Animal Clinic/Pet Center and made an appointment for Reagan the aging Airedale, for this weekend, as Patricia and I head to Wright Patterson in Fairborn for another "Mini Reunion" of Air Force/Vietnam Sky Cops on Friday...that's if all goes good tomorrow, and I won't have to have the procedure scheduled until next week or later.  Once done there is was off to Wally World for a few items, then on to the Driver's License Bureau, where I renewed my license for another four years.  The lady at the desk, looks at me and asks.."Still Riding Motorcycles"?  I reply, "No, but I still like having it on my license, just in case I get the burr, and decide to ride into the sunset".  So the M/C Endorsement is still there, although I have not been on a bike in more than 20 years....and sadly, have no plans on climbing back aboard anytime soon.

I finished off the afternoon by walking uptown to the post office and back...a solid 40 minute walk, I refuse to sit any longer waiting on the appointments, and whatever may come, to catch up with me.....

Romney Squeaks One Out_____

Super Tuesday proved at least two things....The GOP Race is not over, and whoever the nominee finally becomes, the road to the White House is going to be a rough ride.  Despite the fact that we have a Kenyan born Interloper, illegally in office as President, the media and stupid people are bound and determined to keep this half breed, half witted, Marxist tool, in office.

Here in western Ohio, especially Northwest and West Central parts of the state, Rick Santorum won easily, he did likewise in Southeast Ohio and the north central part of the state....however, around the large cities and bergs, infested by "soccer moms" and males without a pair between their legs, Mitt Romney collected enough votes to squeak out a 12,000 vote win, out of over 1 million, two hundred thousand cast, thus winning the majority of it was much the same.  Romney wins 6 states, Santorum 3, and Newt picked up Georgia....Ron Paul, Captain Tin Foil himself, was shut out....the race, while still going on, is Romney's to lose...and despite all his money, robo calls, and "Super Pacs", he has yet to seal, or steal, the deal.  

The GOP is in for a nasty fall come November, and the Republic is at the Cross Roads.....if the Republicans cannot take the White House from the Kenyan Marxist...they need at least to capture the Senate and keep the House, otherwise "Game Over".  The only good news on this election night was locally we stomped out another attempt at a "tax increase". 

 I worked for the Mercer County/Celina City Health Department for 8 years, then moved on as Environmental Health Director at Van Wert County for another 12 before I retired.  I watched in amusement as the local department put up a levy.  Saying they needed the extra money to fund all of their wonderful programs and increase staff....Bullshit!  When I joined the Mercer County department in 1983 as staff Sanitarian, we had a total of 6 full time employees, and a part time Health, less than 30 years later, they tell us they need more employees and more of our money....they don't, and we don't need most of what they provide...some good programs?  Sure, but having spent much of my working life at the local health department scene, much of what they and the state provide is pure worthless rules, and regulations, not worth enforcing.

The levy was put to rest, for now, by a 66/33 margin, a full 2/3rd of country residents were not buying it...and I know of at least 2 former staff members, me, and my old Environmental Health partner, who helped vote it down.  I'm trying to figure out what the 2500 people who voted for were thinking...they obviously don't pay many taxes, or don't have a clue.

One More Beer to Taste____

With the potential health issues yet to be resolved, there are more than a few things on my plate which I am unable to taste.   On the "piss me off" side of the menu, is the fact that I have put my workout and weight lifting routine on hold...worse yet, I've had to, for the most part, cut out my beer drinking. 

Yesterday, after getting my various 'chores' taken care of, Reagan and I took advantage of the warm but windy weather, and I decided to head out to the back yard.  So I went into my basement humidor, grabbed  a 1876 Torpedo Cigar, headed to the refrigerator and pulled a frosted glass out of the freezer, and took one on the new found beers I have stashed, and headed out into the 60 degree, wind blown, sunshine.  The new found beer, which I tasted for the first time last Wednesday at our baseball banquet/meeting in Van Wert, was another in the YuenglingYuengling addition to being a tasteful Bock Beer, the cost is right...about $5.75 for a full six pack of long necks.  Compared to some of the other dark brews and micro brews I try, this one is not only good, but cheap!

I ended up pouring two, and finished most of the cigar...sometimes you just gotta do what feels good...and trust me, this did.

Tonight another baseball meeting in Van Wert...then tomorrow, Patricia and I will head to tomorrow evening, I should know what awaits me, procedure wise, and when I will have to have it done....back later>>>

Photos-Even in the wind and cool March conditions, Grand Lake produces some fantastic sunrises....I took this one on a recent cold, and partly cloudy morning, in the wind....Romney squeaks out a win in Ohio, but Santorum is still alive in the race...the question is?  Is the GOP dead in the water?  And Yuengling Bock comes to Ohio for the first time, as Spring arrives.

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