Thursday, March 15, 2012

Waiting on the Knife....Flowers on the "Ides of March"

Another Summer-Like Day in store for the Heartland...76 for the high, after a round of thunderstorms, which were much more heavy in the central part of Ohio, than they were around us on the west side....floodwater's have risen in the Licking County area....we were just brushed by those storms this morning, but the sun is shining bright at this hour, just before 11am, as I start typing.  The extended forecast continues to show warmer, much warmer, than normal conditions for the next 10 days...albeit, there is rain predicted through the weekend, in the form of 30 to 40% thunderstorms and showers.

Frankly the rain, especially for the next few days, doesn't concern me all that much...since I will either be in the hospital or recuperating here at home over the next few days....after tomorrow's scheduled surgery.

The "Ides of March"____

I have been around for many March days, having been born on one, March 16th, 1949....and with the exception of my time growing up in Venice, Florida, or my year in Vietnam, I cannot recall one that has started out like this it is, March 15th, and the flowers and grass are making an early, real early, appearance.  

March, in past years, in west central Ohio, usually has a few days of sunshine, and perhaps a few days, at most, that reach the 70 degree mark.  Not so this first two weeks of March, in the year of our lord will mark at least five days in the 70+ range....and it appears that we will have at least another five days in a row in those numbers.  After that, it still looks like 60+ for the foreseeable future...strange indeed, but don't believe the "Global Warming" BS....check out Alaska and the northwest, and you know, not all of the world is "burning up".

Turning 63_____

Tomorrow I turn is also the day I am scheduled to have carotid surgery....the only fly in that ointment is I have a head cold, not a bad one, but I can still feel it.  Other than that, I see nothing that suggests that the procedure will not go foreword....1pm is the scheduled time, and hopefully I will be home within 24 hours.

I plan on being back with a full report, sometime this coming weekend...back later>>>>

Photos-March 15th in West Central Ohio?  In all my years, this is the earliest I have seen flowers, left alone the grass ready to mow....I still expect snow to fall before it's all said and winter weather done.

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Rick Adams said...

Best of luck on the surgery and hope you can get some birthday cake soon.