Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Madness and Hospital Pre-Op....

Patricia woke me up at 6:30 this morning, as I needed an early rise to head to Lima, for my Pre-Operation tests at Lima Memorial Hospital....a minor fast was required, nothing to drink/eat after Midnight.  The drive was pretty traffic free and I arrived well ahead of the 9am scheduled time...they whisked me in, and a urine sample, blood samples, X-Rays of the Chest, and an EKG later, and I was out and back on the road by 9:15.  A quick stop for coffee on the west side of town and I was back in Celina by 10am.


Scheduled for arrival at the hospital on Friday at 11am, the carotid artery on the right side is slated to be opened at 1pm...and hopefully 24 hours later I will be on my way least that is the plan.  Right now I do have a slight cold, with some minor congestion, hopefully it will improve within the next 48 hours and not set back the schedule....I am ready to get this done with, and hopefully on the way back to normal....whatever that might be for this 63 year old(birthday on surgery day)....

NCAA BB Kickoff in Dayton____

Our Vietnam group got out of Dayton and Wright Patterson on Sunday, just before the trash came flying in....Barack Insane Obama and his Posse', along with a Brit leader{or some such dignitary} came to Dayton to press some flesh, and catch the opening 'play-in' games of the NCAA Tournament.   

Regardless of who let the trash in...both games were record setting the opener, as Obammy and Company dined on ketchup drenched hot dogs, Western Kentucky came from 16 down in the last 4 minutes to edge out Mississippi Valley State by a point....then in the night cap, BYU playing awful, and down by 25, somehow roared back to defeat Iona by a the biggest comeback in NCAA Tourney history.  Two more games tonight at UD, and the final 64 will begin on Thursday about Noonish at various locations around the country.  I have no clue who will win the thing, hopefully Duke, Ohio State, or my old haunt, Ohio University...but I have picked Kentucky to win it reality however, I don't have a clue.

Politics____Santorum sweeps the South____

Despite the continued claims of the media, that Romney can't lose, until he faces their Messiah, Barack the Magnificent in Novmeber....Rick Santorum continues to pile up victories, even with Mitt's two to one delegate lead over Santorum, the race is far from over....except in the minds of the lame stream media.  

Last night the former Pennsylvania Senator swept the south, by taking both Alabama and Mississippi, with Romney finishing third in both states....and former Speaker Newt Gingrich, coming in second in both races....meanwhile the Massachusetts former governor took the Obama loving state of Hawaii as his lone victory of the evening....meaning, despite what you hear or read in the media...this isn't over yet.  While Romney has a big delegate lead, the combined trio of Santorum, Gingrich, and maverick Ron Paul, still have Mitt well below the 50% support total he needs.

Tonight I will travel to Indian Lake and take in my one southwest baseball rules meeting...Sam will drive from Columbus and meet me there.....then I face more fasting for Thursday Night as I move closer to the surgery.....

back later>>>>

Photos-Sunrise on the way to Lima Memorial,, always a challenge taking photos through the windshield.   March Madness has kicked off with Dayton as the first stop, and Rich Santorum takes the south....

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