Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Race Baiters, Poverty Pimps, and the Down Right Dangerous....

Sunshine and warmer for today....70+ with some southwest winds in the forecast, that will be followed by up and down temperatures through the weekend, with some rain and storms on the agenda for Friday and perhaps Saturday...all-in-all however the warmer than usual conditions will be the rule, rather than the exception.

I will head to Van Wert and work the bases for the third straight game, as the hometown Cougars take on county rival Lincolnview in a non-league varsity contest.....

Last night I was at Lima Central Catholic for a rare baseball JV game....LCC held on for a 6-5 win over visiting Delphos Jefferson...a somewhat pleasant game, weather wise, was only marred by my lack of voice....which I especially noticed while calling a 'Balk" from behind the pitcher's mound....I had to yell it out twice, along with the arm signal, before it was noted.  Sad indeed for someone with as big and deep of voice as I have had over my years.  I'm just glad I am no longer broadcasting...because those days would be on hold, with a voice that has still not recovered from the surgery 12 days ago.

That seems to be my biggest issue on the ball diamond....the lack of a loud enough voice....everything else seems to be coming back.

The Dividing of America.....thank you Barack Obama!

Most, I am sure have heard of the sad case of one 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  A Miami teen, while on a visit to the smaller central Florida town of Sanford, who while out on a 80 degree night, wearing a "Hoodie" manged to get himself shot and killed by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch guy.

The race baiters and poverty pimps, in the form of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackass, and Barack Obama, along with celebrity poverty pimps and race baiters, Spike Lee, and "Killer" Ray Lewis, among others, have quickly moved to set the world on fire, by blaming Zimmerman, a half white, half Hispanic 28 year old....whose family and life have now been turned upside down. 

The majority of the media of course is fanning the flames of hate....a move designed to cower Conservatives and White folks, who might disagree with their personal hate and racism, into the dark recesses of cyber space.  I wasn't even going to write on the subject, because frankly I did know much about it....I figured Zimmerman, whether guilty of some sort of homicide or not, was going to be bashed by the usual suspects, until the city of Sanford buckled under the pressure and charged him with something....I still believe that will ultimately be the case.  I have however, come to the conclusion that Zimmerman is guilty of nothing more than defending himself after being attacked by this young"punk"....because it appears that one Trayvon Marin was indeed a punk, out looking to do nothing good on that night in February:,0,4845076.story

When the left wing media{except MSNBC and it's parent company who continue to cheer the bigots on the left forward} start to give both sides, you know something is rotten in Denmark, and in Sanford, Florida.

So, while everybody on the left is having their say...let me say just this.  In my opinion, Trayvon Martin was a punk....while I don't believe he deserved to be shot to death by George Zimmerman, I myself might have done the same, given the same circumstances....frankly however, I would not have let myself be put in that situation....because it appears that young Martin, while maybe up to no good, was not likely up to violence when he went out for that walk to the convenience store. 

More troubling is the reaction, not so much from the likes of Jackson and Sharpton, after all that's how they get power and money, by stirring up the sheep that follow them like so many fools.  Most troubling is the reaction from our shit for brained Kenyan President...."If I had a son, he would look just like Trayvon"...sez Barack.  I say, "How the Hell do you know Barry, maybe if you had a son, the white half side would come out, you lying hypocritical, racist, son of a bitch"

As for Jackson, Sharpton, Lewis, and Spike Lee.....'Screw those bastards and the horse's asses they rode in on"...they are the dividers along racial lines...and Barack Obama, supported by the media and Pop Culture is along for the ride....they should all take a cue from my friend Ernie White, a real American, regardless of skin color:

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Photos-17 Year old Trayvon Martin...shot dead in Sanford, Florida...was he innocent?  The more you know, the less likely that seems....and two parts that are guilty, among many parts, Al Sharpton, the dim witted race baiter, and Barack Obama, the dim witted, half wit, some call "President"