Friday, October 5, 2012

Football Friday #7

Just 3 weeks of regular season football after tonight's games....

Our crew is at Paulding as they host Allen East in a Homecoming match for the Panthers...both teams are winless, both have had tough one and two loses...I expect a competitive game.  I filled in on Garry's Crew last year when they had this game at Allen East, and it was a good, close, well fought contest, I think AE won 22-12 after Paulding had fumbled deep in East territory while moving in for the go ahead TD.

Last night I worked a Junior High game at Crestview, and my heel held up, still sore, but the KT Tape helped....and I should be able hold up tonight, despite a third Friday Night of rain in the last 5 weeks.  It appears that it should be just rain, without the lightning and thunder show that has force the postponement of weeks 3 and 5, when we had to finish up on a Saturday.

This, my 8th football season, and first being on a regular crew{one that works together each Friday night}, has been a mixed bag.  The storms combined with two straight weeks of being stuck with a couple of major league assholes as coaches on my sidelines, have frankly been a drag.  I like the guys I work with, but am not good at the political BS one is expected to endure when dealing with buttheads in the coaching ranks.  Hindsight is 20/20 and in that view, I should have tossed a couple of clowns back a couple of weeks ago....on the other hand, I have had some good coaches working on the sidelines, guys that you would want your kids playing for back in their high school days.  But guys like Clown #1 and #2 make it tough to enjoy at times.

Football is not baseball to be sure....and stuck somewhere in-between that and basketball as favorite sports.  Baseball on one hand, even though you work with a single partner during he season{3 man and 4 man crews during the later tournament and state games}, you are graded as an individual, not as a team or crew....same goes for basketball, although basketball is not for the thinned skin, especially at  the varsity level.

So driving home the back roads from Convoy last night, taking some sunset photos, I was thinking{always dangerous} much longer do I want to put up with this?  Football on Friday nights that is.  I had already decided to give up basketball after the 2014-15 season, Hell I'll be approaching 66 by that time.  Baseball I will do as long as I'm able to see and move....Football on the other hand, was a "wild card".  The heel problems I've had this fall has made it tough to enjoy, the Friday nights are not what they are cracked up to be...and frankly I am pretty fed up with some of the BS.  So whether the crew chief wants me back or not for 2013, I am leaning towards just doing lower level games, or filling in on occasion, next season if I work a regular crew, I can envision paper work in my future, because the ejections would probably become a reality...

So there are my mundane thoughts for this Friday morning, as the rain once again has come to visit.

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