Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Insulation, and Watching the Yankees Tank or the Debate?

Old Buddy Nick came over late yesterday afternoon, we smoked a cigar, drank a couple of Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ales, and then headed to the basement....measuring out the crawl space that sits under the kitchen floor, was the plan, once done there, we headed out to Menard's to price and measure off insulation.  Nope the Kitchen and Kitchen Floor are still "waiting" to get done...but at least, Patricia, along with Nick and me, can get at the insulation work needing to be done.  Hell, I figure, we can do that for a couple of hundred dollars, I'll give Nick some cigars, and a case of beer to help, thus saving us a grand or so....

The old house/church parsonage was built in 1923 and has an unfinished basement under about 70% of it....the two story part built back in 1923...the kitchen, back "mud" room, and half bath, added in 1945, have a 5 foot deep crawl space which is connected to the foundation and basement....and that is the part that was basically drown out during the water break last June, while we were at Ohio State attending Sam's Graduation.  We are still waiting for the repairs.

Since the crawl space under the Kitchen is easy to get into, the repairs to the lost insulation, already removed, should be fairly easy....we will use the standard roll type under the kitchen floor, and then line the inside of the concrete crawl walls with blue board insulation, giving the kitchen a bit more warmth during the winter months....then wait for the repairs to commence.  But at this point, I don't expect much action on that front anytime soon...for as much as the economy sucks, the contractors around these parts(with a 4.3 unemployment rate) are staying busy.

The Debate or Baseball.....

Patricia headed to bed early, Sam is down in Columbus, interviewing, so it was me the lazy cat and the boob tube...what to watch/The Debate or Baseball....?

A little of both it turns out....the debate, what I watched of it, appeared to be a draw, Obammy lying through his Kenyan Teeth, helped along by Candy O' Where are the Donuts? Crowley, acting like a typical media lap dog for this pole smoking gay blade from Chicago/Hawaii/ or Kenya....I thought, from where I sat Mitt won, but really if you have not made up your mind by now, what planet are you living on?  45% won't vote, and it appears the rest of us will split the vote.  Romney will probably win{I didn't think that a month ago}, unless the DNC/ACORN and the rest of the far left/Marxist trash can steal enough votes, or get enough illegals and dead folks to vote...which is always possible.  It's a toss up and this country will never again be the same, regardless.  Of course since I despise Obammy, I must be a know what?  I really don't give a rat's ass what the losers on the left call me....fuck em'

Meanwhile the Yankees, my childhood favorite sports team(who once I moved back to Ohio in 1963 quickly faded from that list, especially once Mickey Mantle retired), is in deep against Detroit.  They just can't hit, unless it's the 9th inning, and once again they fell, this time 2-1 at Detroit, and the Tigers are up three games to none...."Stick a Fork in New York, they are done".  It appears the teams with the worst regular season records in the playoffs, Detroit and St. Louis might be in a rematch from 2006...Cards or Giants, "Go Detroit"{if they finish off the Yankees}.

Ankle, Foot, etc....

I briefly thought that I might be able to work the Youth Football Tournament double header this Sunday with Sam....but I gave up that thought quickly...the ankle heel, and foot are indeed going to be slow to heal, and no way I'm chancing that slow  recovery by working three or four hours running/walking up and down a football field...I am done!

The swelling is down, but not completely gone.  While the ankle feels better when resting, but the pain is always there, especially after walking or sitting with it in the down position for a period of time....So, the goal of being back to action for my first basketball game on November 24th {Grandson Kasyn's first Birthday}, is still possible, but I am not committing to anything at this point, time will tell.

back later>>>>

Photo-The weather has turned nice, for at least a day or two, yesterday I managed to get out and shoot some fall photos....the top one at a fall market near New Bremen.  The crawl space lays under the Kitchen Floor, while the rest of the old Parsonage has a full despite not being one of my favorite places to "crawl" around in, to save some time and money, Nick and I will get it done...better now in the fall cool, with the critters{see bugs/spiders} dormant, than in the moist heat of the summer months.  Candy "I'm an Obama Tool" Crowley, performed like a good Liberal Prostitute for her Messiah Obama, but the results were not going to save his sorry ass for probable defeat come November 6th....and The Yankees are headed for defeat, of course since The Mick retired some 45 years ago, I really have been a hard core Reds fan.

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