Thursday, October 25, 2012

Indian Summer's Last Stand? Election Minus 12 Days

Today they are calling for plenty of sunshine with a high of 78...tomorrow and for the 10 days that follow{at least} temperatures won't rise out of the 50s....this despite the Weather Channel calling for warmer temperatures for the coming winter as a whole.  I will take that prediction, like the forecast for the coming election, with a large grain of salt.

I did roll out towards the lake earlier this morning to see if anything was photo worthy...I snapped a few, but really nothing spectacular, I have posted some on today's blog. 

Yesterday, with temperatures nearing the mid 70s, I decided to test my ailing ankle and foot, and managed to mow the yard one last time, start up the snow blowers{one worked, the other didn't} and clean and clear out the garage...some success on that front, but with the Buick still sitting in one stall, I have a ways to go. 

As Sam and I prepared for a Basketball Rules meeting in Van Wert, one of the "kids" I used to coach in Little League and Pony League Baseball dropped by...these days he has his law degree and is the City of Celina Law Director.  George was a high school classmate of Sam's and stopped by to discuss how the world was working....we had a good 45 minute talk, the three of us.  George won the Law Director race last year, and as a Conservative Republican, he has his head on straight....meanwhile Sam, who has an interview in Houston, Texas next week for an Actuarial position, is getting "antsy".  He has had some good interviews, but this one, looks to be the best of the lot...although I'm not sure Houston was on his original radar.

Politics be Damn!

Frankly the election can't come and go soon enough....

Another left wing "Bogey Man"/"Straw Dog" was tossed out by the left last night....Richard Mourdock, the Tea Party/Republican Candidate for the Senate made a statement about rape and abortion{never a good topic when the left, moderates, and media are around}:

Mourdock, who defeated long time RINO Senator Richard Lugar in the primary has a big target on his back by the left, and the entrenched GOP establishment....and what he said, regarding the abortion of the unborn just because they were conceived through rape{or incest for that matter} is right on.  Since when is a human being less of one because they were conceived through other than marriage?  Give me a freaking break!  Life is life, and if you are wishy washy on it like Romney and GOP moderates, go to Hell...because, you will be soon enough.  This is one area I don't compromise on....there are very few reasons for a child to be aborted, and these two are not among them.  Bottom Line!

Having said the above, it really isn't going to matter in the long run...mere laws of man, will not change the carnage that is going on in this country....we will all pay for it eventually..."God Bless America" indeed....for all the wrong reasons, that racist, bigoted, moron Rev Wright, may have had the phrase correct.

The End of an Era?

Sam and I attended our first basketball rules meeting of the season....for Sam it may be his last, depending on what happens on the job front.  As for me?  I will trudge through the season, if...if, my left ankle and foot ligaments heal in time.  While walking this morning, and of late in general, I have begin to reassess my future as an aging basketball, and football official.

Basketball I had already decided to cut back following next year....and that may happen sooner.  As far as football?  Well that may come to an end sooner than I had planned.  Depending on my health, especially on my legs and feet, and how they hold up.  There is little doubt on the football front, I will most likely give up my Friday night Varsity gigs...nothing is certain however.  Basketball I will give up any thoughts of Varsity games, and stick to Junior High and girls JV games...the boys JV contests are just a bit too up tempo for me to handle, although I do have a dozen or so this season on my schedule, and will take them one at at time...but the end is near regarding those.....

Baseball on the other hand, I have no plans for cutting back, at least in the Spring....Summer Legion and ACME however, I plan on cutting back on.....

Enough rambling for now....time to get my ass outside and enjoy this final day{for now} of  Indian Summer 2012.

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Photos-Indian Summer around Grand Lake..(1) Walking down the West Bank Bike Bath....(2) Looking towards the rising sun and the Islands..(3) The Beaver Creek as it begins west end Spillway and heads towards the Wabash River...and (4) Some Shad, Bass, and Other Fish that didn't make it as they rode the Spillway down to the Beaver.

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