Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This Mundane Midweek....


That is what the weather has been this week...wet, rather humid, and somewhat cool....just the opposite of this time last year when our Vietnam Security Police Association reunion in Dayton.  This time last year we were dry, sunny, and temperatures were in the upper 70s and lower 80s with almost no humidity....

Speaking of the VSPA Reunion, this year they are gathering at Fort Walton Beach in the Florida Panhandle...I won't be there this time around, perhaps next year, God willing, I will make the one in Charleston, SC....but I don't plan that far ahead, unless it is signing contracts for baseball, basketball, and football....and I'm beginning to wonder just what the Hell I am doing taking games out as far as early 2015?  I'll be approaching 66 for gawd's sake!

The heel is still healing, but it's got a ways to go....even giving up about half of my games to Sam for the last month of the football season, I am guessing by the time my doctor's appointment comes around the end of this month, the heel will still have issues....I am not looking forward to basketball season and the beating the feet will take.  That brings to mind the old saying, when it becomes a chore, it's time to re-evaluate what you are doing....and that is something I will face in the not-to-distant future.

The Grandson, Kasyn, was suffering with an ear infection, in both ears no less, so I drove down the 90 miles to Centerville yesterday to watch him while his parents worked....just a bit less active than he usually is, the 10 month old did walk a few steps for me....and can now string a few steps together, and took his first when he reached 10 months and 3 days.

Baseball reaches the post season....

Well it will tomorrow....amazing to see that here on this last day, while the National League playoff teams are set, the AL still is in flux.....The Yankees and Baltimore both have made the post season, the question is, which will win the east and who will be the wild card, same for Texas and Oakland.  The difference being, they will face off tonight in Oakland, with the winner taking the West and the loser, being force into a Wild Card game with either NY or Baltimore.  The Reds will play at St Louis, needing a win and a Washington loss to capture the overall #1 seed.....if they finish #2,  Cincinnati will play San Francisco, with the first two games out west.

The Final Fall Flowers.....

The backyard collection of flowers was a disappointment, needless to say...the excessive Summer heat and dry conditions locked that in...Flowers either died before blooming, or like the Moon Flowers, they came out to late to do much "blooming" exception being the Marigolds.

With the first hard frost still yet to strike, the Marigold plants are still producing a variety of different colors...give me a chance to snap some photos in the evening mist and rain.

Tomorrow will, at least is predicted, to be the last warm day for the next couple of weeks....79 is the predicted high, however, given the fact that the Weather Channel has totally missed the week thus far, I'm making no bets on that one....regardless it appears that long sleeves will be needed for Friday's Varsity games...our crew is at Paulding for a NWC game with Allen East, while Sam now a member of a new crew for the remainder of the season is at Marion Local for a game with arch rival St. Henry, with both teams headed for the post season playoffs.

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Photos-Kasyn is starting to take his first steps over the past week...and can string 5 or more together at this point...The Vietnam Security Police Reunion is in the Florida Panhandle this weekend....K-Man is coming down from his double ear infection, but the antibiotics seem to be working well....and the Marigolds in the back yard are hanging on into early October.