Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Sandy". Early Voting, Dartball,and a Day With Kasyn....

Windy, wet, with early Snow in Ohio overnight and this morning...the snow appears done for now and has melted, but the rain continues to drip from the sky.....this all compliments of "Sandy" the once in 100 year storm, where Hurricane meets Canadian Cold Front....no sense in me hashing it out on the blog however, so Fox is the place to go for the latest with 7+ million out of power and a couple of dozen dead as a result:


Early Voting.....

I'm not a big fan of the massive amount of early voting going on....mainly because the Democrats, especially the criminal elements in the large cities and union trash tend to use it as a chance to steal elections, the unions have been doing it for years..."Get out the Vote, early and often" is their motto....early voting in Ohio have favored the Kenyan CSer currently in the White House, while most Republicans and Conservatives wait until election day....however, with Sam likely out of state, and youngest son Hal maybe as well, on business, that left Patricia, Anissa, and me to vote....while I was watching the grandson, Kasyn yesterday in Centerville, Patricia picked up Anissa, who needs help with her votes, and they voted...leaving only me in the immediate family yet to cast a ballot.

Well Hell, with the lousy weather, I figured the polling place for early voting, at the Mercer County Courthouse would be an easy in/easy out today, so I decided to take the plunge.  The last time I voted early was 1976, while a student at Hocking Technical College in Nelsonville I voted early in the Carter/Ford race....since then, whether in be in Ohio, Wisconsin, Dodge City, or Kokomo, I have voted on the regular Tuesday election day....today was different, and the crowds were good...many people doing this "early voting" thing.  But even with a full house, I got into the last "booth" and was in and out in quick fashion....I may do this more often, provided God keeps me around for awhile, and Obammy and his "Word Police" don't find a reason to stick me and the like minded away in jail or some other institution.

Day with the "K-Man"....

With Hal and Lisa's sitter out because of the death of the sitter's mother, I headed down to Centerville to watch the grandson....it is amazing how quickly he is growing....already walking like an old pro...or at least as good as me with my bum ankle.  Kasyn turns one in November, having been born on Thanksgiving evening last, and walking is coming along much quicker than I ever did....I think I was just a bit over a year old, the boys both got started before their first, Anissa was just past her first birthday when she started....

Kasyn is one happy kid, and the 7 hours I spent flew by, with his taking a couple of one hour naps, while the rest of the time we watched the fat grey Squirrel build a nest for the approaching winter, which after today looks to be here already.  When we were not being entertained by the Squirrel, I fed him a bit, and we played "Angry Birds" on his dad's IPad....I headed home about 4:15, and after a bite to eat, Sam and I headed for the opening night of Dartball.

Dartball Begins.....

The Dartball Season, which lasts until early Spring, kicked off last night at Mt. Tabor Church of God, and despite our depleted crew{many of the older guys have taken time off for now}, after a poor first game, which saw us score in the 9th to avoid a shutout, losing 3-1, we bounced back, with 9-3 and 3-2 wins, to open the season 2 wins and 1 loss....I started zero for four in the first game, but bounced back with 6 hits in my final 10 at bats, with a couple of triples and three RBIs....batting .429 for the night.  Not bad for opening night, I ended up leading the team in both average and runs batted in.....next week our home season kicks off against Rockford Methodist.

back later>>>>

New Photos don't seem to want to load.....will add more later:  The enclosed photos are of an older nature.....hopefully Blogger will fix it's upload of new photos in short order and will add them at that time.

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