Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan in Celina Today

On Friday afternoon last, the phone rang, and it was a "robo-call" for the RNC{Republican National Committee} telling me that VP nominee Paul Ryan of Wisconsin was coming to Celina this very day, Sunday, October 28, 2012....with the GOP surge in the polls, Ohio once again has become the "must win" state, and the future Vice President was going to be just about everywhere in the Buckeye State over the next days.  Meanwhile President to be, Mitt was going to be in Florida followed by Virginia, before coming to Ohio...he is to appear in Elida{just a stones throw of 30 miles}, a berg of Lima on Tuesday....

Stop the Presses....."Sandy" steps in!

Yesterday Sam's classmate from High School, George Moore, also the Republican City Law of Celina, let us know that Mitt would be joining Ryan in Celina!  The reason, I am sure, is because the Romney Campaign had to cancel events in Virginia today, due to Hurricane Sandy, getting ready to explode across the eastern seaboard....Virginia's loss is Ohio and Celina's gain. 

The 1800 seat Celina Fieldhouse, ironically built back in 1936 as part of FDR's works projects during the last Great Depression, will be the setting....while I am going to "stand down" and not go, oldest son Sam, wife Patricia, and my sister Marty will be taking it in....4 hours or so of sitting is just a bit more resting the butt than I want to do...I had season tickets and was a student 45 years ago and more sitting on those bench seats, that damn old wood is hard!  Anyway I am sending along the camera with them, and hopefully they can get a few photos for me to share, both here on the blog, and on facebook!

The doors open at 11:30 and the show begins 2 hours later...

back soon, hopefully with photos>>>>

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