Monday, October 15, 2012

Hot Air from the Losers on the Left.....

Since I started, months ago, to "moderate" comments from folks that don't have the guts or sense to use a name, whether real or a "handle", I don't get the spam and left wing ass clowns saying much these days.  However, I did mark as spam one from a post back in January 2011 from some asshole that of course used the name "anonymous"....calling my comments on Bruce Springsteen, Dead Ted Kennedy, and the Kenyan Asshat in the White House as "sewage"....such a thought provoking message from another loser...I mean, come on man, who the Hell is going to bother reading your BS from on a comment from a post almost two years old? least try to make it on a newer one, so I can rip your sorry ass and somebody besides me might read it.    Of course that would mean having something between your legs beside your boyfriend, and I know of no male liberals that can claim that, and be truthful about it.

The Wind{Hawk} over the Weekend.....

The wind picked up before the predicted storms yesterday....and that didn't disappoint, the storms however, at least in Mercer County, didn't amount to much.  Sam and three other football officials got their games in for the opening round of the Cross Country Football League, with two Celina teams winning, that means we will have another round next Sunday.  Sam will work those games, not sure who I will get to work with him....I am half tempted to do the games myself, but with the foot and ankle slowly healing, I doubt if I should take a season, after all, is  over, or at least that's what I've been told.

What the wind did, was pretty much scatter the leaves about, and put a damper on what was left in the "Fall Colors" portion of the Autumn Season.

This morning Sam was doing a on-line face to face on-line Skype interview with Mutual of Omaha out I got out of the house and took the camera, heading to the south side of Grand Lake...not a lot of fall shots in the gloom of the morning, the rain, or at least mist, was still around{the Sun is just now peeking out at the Noon hour}...but getting out was still not a bad thing, and I clicked some photos off anyway.

Still resting the foot, I spent much of the weekend, tasting Autumn Brews and watching football and the MLB Playoffs....frankly, that stuff these days, just bores the Hell out of fact so much that Patricia and I are on the verge of dumping Time-Warner Cable, and our land line.  The land line is basically nothing more than politicians, telemarketers, and bullshit, the rest call on the cell phones.  Cable, even with 7 million channels is a waste of Liberal garbage, and bad TV shows....and Hell I can buy/rent the old movies I like, and watch the rest, news, and whatever, on the Internet.

TV is dying fast....and I no longer want to pay $160 a month for TV, Phone, and Internet.....I've got XM/Radio on the Internet and in the cars...speaking of which..

Patricia has been looking at a new Nissan Altima, new in 2012 that is, with less than 10,000 miles on it....if she pulls the trigger on that, I will take the Dodge Nitro, and the old Montana will be 187,000 miles, the question is, "How long will it last, before major repairs are needed"?  Anyhow, we took the Nissan out for a  test run on Saturday....a bit small for my taste, but a nice car, with all the bells needed and at a good price.  A good car for her, with good gas mileage, that should work for her for the rest of her working career, before she retires.  The Nitro would replace the van for me, with Four Wheel Drive and plenty of room for my gear.  So she can make that decision in the next week or so....

Speaking of decisions....tomorrow night is the second debate between Mitt and the Kenyan Assclown, I won't watch much, if any, of it....after all, the MLB Playoffs are on, and even though I no longer have a dog in the fight, it still beats watching that lying son of a Kansas and Kenyan Marxist lie though his stinking smoke stained teeth, besides, my decision was made long ago...Anybody But Obammy!

back later>>>>

Photos-There are always a few trees around the area that the colors come alive this time of year, the top one, on Celina's south side is one of those that really shows it's colors in October.....meanwhile around the lake, it's a mixed bag, some color, but lots of the leaves have flown in the wind....and a look at the Nissan Altima 2012.

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