Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Great {?} Debate

The Baseball regular season came to a wild end last night, especially in the American League{aka: The Junior Circuit"}...The Texas Rangers completed a meltdown that would make the 64 Phillies and last year's Braves look at with pride.  The Rangers dropped the last three games to west rival Oakland, thus giving the Athletics the division crown, while Texas now will play Baltimore tomorrow in the play-in game to meet the Yankees.  Detroit and Oakland will face off in the other series.

Meanwhile in the National League, the Reds continue to slump at the plate, losing to St. Louis 1-0 in an offensive/offensive performance, that has become all to familiar to Cincinnati fans.  Washington clinched the top spot and will play the one game Braves/Cards winner, while the Reds head to San Fran for the first two games, before heading back to Cincinnati for games 3, 4, and 5, if needed.  The way they decided to dole out the home games sucks this year, due mainly to the addition of a second "Wild Card" team....

The Great Debate....Romney Wins in a Landslide!

I really didn't plan on watching much of the Presidential Debate last night...after all, why bother?  I knew I was not going to be swayed...Hell, Romney wasn't my first choice, but he will get my vote, I wouldn't vote for the Kenyan Bastard Child if he was running against Satan himself, and unlike my "Constitutional" and Libertarian friends, I'm not stupid or arrogant enough to give my vote to Obammy by Proxy, by voting for some third party loser, like Gary Johnson, Virgil what' his Name?, or Ron Paul.  Their main claims are that abortion is OK, because a women has a right to murder her unborn child, and Islam really doesn't hate us....they just want to be left alone.  

Of course the Constitutional and Libertarian crowd are full of crap on both fronts....Abortion is Murder at anytime, and Islam is one non-peaceful, evil, on this planet.....the worshippers of the Pedophile for Profit, have world domination in mind....anything else from the left and libber left is a pipe dream....but back to the debate...

The lap dog media was, at least I thought, prepared to give Obama the victory in last night's debate, regardless of how it looked to the average turned out to those average Joe's and Jane's, that Romney kick Obama's Ass from here to there.  Even the far left media at MSNBC and CNN had to admit that Romney was on his "A-Game", while the Kenyan was but a shell of his 2008 self, especially without his crutch, that elusive teleprompter.

Most people regardless won't be swayed...but the question remains:  Will the sorry performance by their Skunk Striped Messiah, serve to dishearten those supporters enough to keep them home on election day?  That is the key...most people have their minds made up, but who will show up in the greatest numbers?  If they next two debates end up like last night's...the Kenyan is in deep trouble, much like the Republic already is, due to Obama and his Marxist policies....we have a lot riding on this election, regardless of who wins, the country is in trouble, deep trouble, but with a Romney win, there might be a way out...without that, the Republic is doomed...and that is not debatable.

Sore feet and heel not withstanding, I go back to the football field tonight...a Junior High game at Crestview, Friday the Varsity contest our crew works will be at Paulding, and Sunday Sam and I work another double header at the youth level in Celina.  On Saturday, Patricia, Anissa, and I, will head south to visit Hal, Lisa, and grandson Kasyn, if the weather cooperates, we will do some fall pumpkin festival hunting.

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