Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Insulation, New Car, and the Debate Winner Is.....

Lots of action has come and gone since Friday's last post....

Nick and I completed the replacing of the insulation under the kitchen floor....I should give credit to Nick, as he did probably 75% of the work...5 hours on Saturday and another 3 on Sunday afternoon.  Once done with that, we sat outside in the Indian Summer weather and downed a 12 pack and polished off a couple of hand rolled cigars...

So the two types of insulation, the board type for the inside crawl space walls, and the fiber glass for the under floor area, should make the kitchen floor warmer for the winter months ahead...because it appears the remainder of the floor replacement is going to drag through the cold weather.

Nissan Altima SE...2012//

As I wrote last week, Patricia was looking at a couple of vehicles, and had settled in on one of two Nissan Altima SEs that were at R&D Auto in Celina.  R&D is where we purchased the Dodge Nitro in April 2011, and we more than satisfied with the follow-up service.  The two Altima's she was looking at were the same exact vehicles, one had 6000 miles, the other 14,000...the difference, aside of the miles, was about $2500, no brainier to me...take the one for less money, 8000 miles less, was not worth a couple of grand extra on the price...besides, even at 14000 miles, the Nissan was not even close to being broken in.

So yesterday, I dropped off a check, and picked up Patricia's new ride....trading in the old Pontiac Montana, which we had for over 10 years....even though it was still running well, with 188,000 miles on it, time was not on it's side.   With the Montana gone, I take over the Nitro, which will end my plans on buying a full size pickup, and Patricia will drive the Nissan.  These two vehicles, one with 51,000 and the newer one, with the 14000, should end our car buying for at least the next five years.  The 1977 Buick is the only other vehicle in the garage...and frankly, despite my desire to get it back on the road, I probably won't see that happen, and likely will sell it to free up some garage space....in the meantime we are set for now.

And the Winner Is......?   The Losers are "The American People"

Watching the final Presidential Debate last night, in between peaks at the Monday Night Football Game and the final game of the National League playoffs, one thing become clear...The American Presidential Race and the Candidates are in denial when it comes to Radical Islam and the dangers it brings to America.

Obama lied with a straight face about is role in destroying the United States by appeasing Islam trash, and Mitt Romney, looked much like his old man....without the balls to call the Kenyan out, or to call Islam exactly what it is....that being the Cult that is out to destroy us.  One candidate embraces Islamic Terrorists, and the other is turning a blind eye.  It is clear that neither will stand up to Iran or radicals in the Middle East, and we are screwed as a nation regardless of which man gets elected President...it's enough to make one puke!

The only good news from last night was, the hated Cardinals went down in flames as San Francisco continued it's amazing come-from-behind story....now Go Tigers!

Bend Over America, your leaders have lost their will and their balls....

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Photos-Patricia's new ride, just a shade below new, with 14,000 miles the 2012 Nissan Altima came in at about $12,000 less than it would have costs straight off the dealer floor.....and after last night's "non debate", it is clear, that there is no Ronald Reagan running, neither Obammy or Romney can live up to his legacy....Romney, frankly, was a huge disappointment, Obama performed as expected...like the lying Kenyan Striped Skunk he is.

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