Friday, October 19, 2012

So the repairs begin...

Last June when we returned from Columbus and Sam's Graduation from Ohio State, we were greeted by a flooded kitchen floor and a broken valve under the sink which cause untold gallons of water to flood across the kitchen, and seeped into the living room finished wood floors.....most of the water rolled under the kitchen floor into the crawl space, some into the basement which, but the bulk of the under damage was done to the insulation under the kitchen.....

So here we are a bit over four months out, and the kitchen repairs still remain to started....the replacement of the insulation needs to be done before the cold weather sets in, so this morning I headed to Menard's, located across town, to get that started.  The total cost, so far, is just over $165, with Nick helping me out, we should get that done in a few hours, and his cost will be a case of beer....he drinks cheap, so in total, the $200 or so will be much less than if I had it contracted out.  That's not to say the cold, and hard crawl space will be pleasant, but the savings will be worth the discomfort.

The ankle, heel, and Achilles tendon are still sore, especially during the day hours, and even with the swelling down, the healing process has a long way to go.  5 weeks or so before basketball season begins, and frankly, I'd rather not concern myself with that just's only been two weeks since I injured the foot on that wet Friday night at Paulding, and time, especially at my age, it will take.

Speaking of Football, Sam's crew is at Tinora tonight while my crew, without me of course, is a few miles south of there at Sherwood Fairwood, both Green Meadows Conference games, with the regular season ending next week, the five week long playoff sprint, for those eligible, will be off and running.

Football done for me, and basketball down the road, I will be concentrating on the healing process, and getting the insulation work started and completed, as soon as possible.

Enjoy the weekend....back later>>>>

And one more thing....I despise the St. Louis Cardinals!!!

Photos-The board and roll insulation that will be stuffed under the crawl space, which, under the Kitchen{build in 1945}, covers about 25% of the underside of the old Church Parsonage, the rest, build in 1923, is basemented.

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