Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Waiting on the X-Ray Results

Well here I foot up on my computer desk the other hanging towards the floor.....the swelling, well it's either up or down, depending on the time of day, and how long I have been sitting with foot raised, as opposed to having recently walked, or sitting at my desk with both feet on the pain in the foot, has become a major pain in the ass, to say the least.

I headed off to the Doctor's Office in Minster yesterday, and the results of the visit are still up in the air, much like my left thing is certain, I am finished for the remainder of the football season, as for basketball, which is scheduled to begin, for me, on November 24th...that is up in the air.  8 weeks is what Doc told me yesterday, 8 weeks of rest and off my the Hell can somebody like me, as active as a 63 year old you will find, going to do that?

If the Reds stick around the playoffs, which looked certain until last night blown opportunity, a 2-1 ten inning loss to San Fran, I will have some excuse to sit and watch the boob tube....

After the office visit I headed to St Marys Hospital for the sets of X-Rays...results known, maybe later today.  I don't expect much far as anything unusual.  I doubt if it {the foot} is broken, just some badly stretched ligaments or tendon damage.  No matter, I will be off of it for the most part until December or later, the 24th of November basketball opening is a pipe dream at this point.

November for the most part, much like mid July through early August and late February through mid March are my "resting" months...this year, it will be even more so.  Those projects I had planned for fall are done....the painting of the garage will wait until Spring, the insulation replacement below the kitchen will not b done by me, the garage clean-up is not going to happen, nor will the gutter cleaning along the roof edges...they just won't happen.

For the most part I will sit, watch the tube, lift some weights, and get ready for Dartball season, which is scheduled to begin October 29th....

The main thing during this time of little physical activity, will be can I keep the weight off the body?  That will be a major test, while sitting on my can.

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Photos-The foot in it's new usual spot, and basketball season is 'iffy" at least in the beginning...more time and healing will tell.

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