Thursday, August 30, 2007

10 years ago


Everybody has vices, whether a sinning Christian like me, or a hard core agnostic, like my VSPA buddy Mark...don't know what his are, but voting liberal Democrat seems to be a big enough vice for any one person to bear.

I have a few(too many) know doubt....sometimes I drink a few more Miller Lites than necessary(is any of it really necessary?), I like an expensive bottle of Drambuie on occasion, my wife and daughter usually supply me with a bottle for birthday and Christmas...those don't last long, and at $40 a bottle, I don't see many of them.

About 10 years ago in the early fall of 1997 I fell in love with fine hand rolled favorites include Don Carlos #2 torpedo, Indian Tabac, and several others....much like the Drambuie, hand rolled cigars are expensive, especially the AF Don Carlos #2s..they run from $11 to $14 needless to say, I smoke em' if a friend buys one for me....I usually buy my favorites(excluding the DCs) from a Cigar clearing house and spend from $30-$50 a box(25), or I go down to the local Low Bob's Discount outlet and pay a couple of bucks for a decent smoke[like the one in the photo].

Don't get me wrong, I like good cigars, but only smoke between 40 and 50 per year... don't inhale(you always get some secondary smoke), don't smoke in my car(occasionally the jeep when returning from a RV run), don't smoke in the house, and don't smoke where they can bother anybody else...usually that means, sitting either on the front porch, back steps, or out by Grand Lake on a picnic bench. I also only smoke in nice weather....which means...I smoke a couple of cigars a week between the months of May and October, outside, usually with a Miller Lite and listening to the Cincinnati Reds game on radio.

Life's small vices....we all have em', some just won't admit it.....GUILTY I AM!
[photo...A Churchhill, my marble ashtray, my QC VSPA Cap, my Zippo from Nha Trang, and a cutter from my favorite cigar outlet, The Cigar Room, on Highway 41 in my childhood home of Venice, Florida]



BRUNO said...

Mushy sent me over here, and I see that we all share some of the same vices! Everybody needs one or two(dozen!)to keep 'em NORMAL...!

I'll be back, count on it.

pat houseworth said...

thanks bruno...I'm sitting here screwing around with the layout....but half to get ready to do a under varsity football game....I'll check thing out tonight.


Mushy said...

I should have known that if you mentioned cigars and beer Bruno would sniff his way over here! It won't be long before another sidekick of mine, that just recently got into stogies, is him closely. He'll steal your smokes!

Great post...makes me want one!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Yep, here I am. Mushy sent us all over, and from reading this it sounds like we've all got a few vices in common. I'm new to cigars, though I've been fooling around with cheap ones for years. Mushy and Bruno, and one cousin of mine are schoolin' me. I'm glad you guys hooked up. It'll be fun to come here and visit.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Steal? Slander!

BRUNO said...

Yeah, he ought to be glad we don't just BORROW one for a couple drags, and then give it back! Kind of in the same groove as lettin' somebody BORROW your toothbrush......!