Friday, August 10, 2007

Football begins

11:20 pm

First football scrimmage in today....8 of us officials did a 2 hour plus scrimmage...temps around 90, but lower humidity...ankle a little sore, but more or less, the first action went all right.

Talked with Hal, they were in West Virginia around 9pm after a day of 100+ heat with 111 heat index in North Carolina.

The Bar Stool Open begins in about 10 1/2 hours.

33 years ago today

_________________Tricky Dick resigns.....voted for the man in 72(would have in 68, but you had to be 21 at the time, I was 19)....although he eventually got us out of Vietnam, it was with a 'Cut and Run' strategy...surprised the left doesn't like him more....he cut and ran, plus he expanded trade with the reds in China, and expanded the government at home....Nixon was no conservative.

I was sitting at the drive-in with Patricia on this evening in 1974 when Herb Stanfill, my old bar stool buddy when I ran the Red Door, and Lake Drive-In manager made the announcement...."President Nixon has resigned"

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