Friday, August 17, 2007

Lazy Daze.....


Patricia and I headed for Lima this morning, Lowe's for some replacement lighting for kitchen and garage....stopped by and had half a sub and soup at Quiznos before heading home.
Hal down in Kentucky, then Tennessee and Atlanta making as much as possible before Wright State starts up again after Labor Day.....Sam headed for Nappanee to pick up his unit, he will head for Georgia on Sunday for a early Monday delivery.

Sunny, 80 or so and less humid today.....Anissa will head over to the Family Care Options facility around 6PM....Pat, me, Reagan, and the Cat, will be the masters of the manor until later tonight anyway. Not much planned for the weekend, at least at first glance.

14 years ago

___________A couple weeks after the Kings Island/Reds vacation...two things of note...(1) We got to see Reds manager Lou Pinella toss a base several times as Cincinnati defeated Sam's Cubs....(2) My back, which had been bothering me for several years, took a serious turn for the worse, even in pain things get funny. I took a ride on a "train" at KI, which turned out to be a roller coaster, not good for the ol' back, Hal slammed my hand in the car door at the motel, and with my back completely out, I got stuck in the bathtub, wife and kids had to turn me over to get my sorry butt out...not a pretty sight, I am sure. I'm 44 and my body is shot!....anyway, by the time mid-August rolled around my humorous back problems had turned into major problems....could barely walk, or sit to drive, it was affecting my work, and about everything else. My 2nd motorcycle wreck back in 1987 had started the beginnings of my back problems...doing a 360 after hitting the bumper of the car that pulled out in front of me....not good, of course it could have been worse...I at least hit ass first, then I was wearing a helmet(a rare occasion) as my head smacked the roadway on the second bounce.

The back problems lasted on and off for over 7 years...this was the worst of them....Tom Santenello, my OD, was not a big believer in surgery, but he did tell me that he would give me a "cocktail" of sorts for my back, then to sit in the A/C and relax for a week or so, I had the sick time accrued, so that was not a was coming up and I knew I could not coach or even be out there in my current condition...TS said, "If this doesn't work, I will set you up with a surgeon.....lo and behold, it worked...and after years of pain, I would become basically back pain free the next 13 years.....this spring and summer they have re-occurred, but nowhere near the problems I had back in 87.....knock on wood!
photo(clockwise) Top Left 1975 my 63 dirt bike carrying van, 1978 Yamaha 650...this thing could run...topped out at 140 going down US 127, The 550 Suk with Sam and Hal on board, my last bike... aka: the bike that messed up my back...damn, wasn't even my fault, and the 250 Kaw Dirt Bike....had this little number from 1974 to 1977...on-off road MC and believe me, I did both with it.


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