Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just Mowing Along


Just a average type boring day...did wake up with right triceps muscle hurting...guess the reinvented weight lifting has a glitch. Killed some weeds over at mom's, mowed our yard, all in advance of the coming rain...which hasn't arrived yet....although the Reds game at Wrigley in Chicago is under a rain delay, and will start real late.

Heading to Van Wert for the first football meeting of the local association....scrimmage, freshman contest at Celina tomorrow...I may end up doing that one by myself...but since it's a scrimmage....and not varsity action, should not be a big problem.....not to many guys available for a 10AM weekday scheduled game.

Had a chance to go to Lake Park, Georgia, with a Vista Cruiser, Sam took one, I turned the other down...the football and other factors are making most runs almost impossible....still plan on picking up the return unit in Rootsville some time next week though.

50 years ago

_____________Probably one of the great summers of my life was coming to an end. Guess it shows you how simple things can really endure. The family was living in Venice, Florida, dad decided to come home for the summer, home being the little berg of Scott, Ohio, population 250. We moved north from south Florida in June and spent 2 months living at Grandma Houseworth's place in Scott....hand pumped well water, out house and all the trimmings. Grandma lived with us many winters in Venice, so guess we decided to return the favor that summer....not sure how happy mom was with the situation...but I loved it.

Spent the summer with my Ohio friend Al Foust....walking the fields and railroad tracks between Scott, Van Wert, and in the streets, and basically just hanging around that little hick town. I can't remember all the details, or every event....but Grandma, Aunts Eva and Cecil, and the rest of the clan fed us well, kept us busy, and, at least to me, it was a sad day when we packed up and headed back south.

Today, not much has changed in Scott...the Elevator is still the largest around, the cafe on the Van Wert-Paulding County Line is still open...the Post Office, located in the same spot...yes the grocery store and gas station are gone, and so are those never to be forgotten members of my family, during that great summer of 57'.


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