Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Great Flood of 07


Not sure if the "Great" would describe this years flooding in northwest and central Ohio, but wet it has been for the past 4 or 5 days....interesting to say, Celina has received about 2 or 3 inches, which has busted our drought...but places 20(Van Wert), 30(Delphos), 65(Findlay, see photo), and 100(Mansfield) miles away have received from 8 inches to a foot and showers and storms it is called....the summer long dry spell can officially be called....OVER!

Sam and I made or way to Rootstown(20 miles east of Akron) taking a southern route to miss the closed US 30 and Interstate areas in the west Ohio region, dropping down US 33 to 36 across Delaware County to I-71 and northward to I-76....put the Dodge on the guys "Dollie" and proceeded to take the in need of repair RV north and west to the Ohio Turnpike and then onto Indiana and Nappanee...after a bitch of a time getting my Intrepid off the 2 wheel car cart, we finally headed home in our separate cars, Sam's Dodge was at Hoosier, thus why he went along, lucky for me, because with the latch problems on the "Dollie" I probably would have slept in the RV until morning, working together we got it unhooked in about a half hour...we made it home by 2:15 this what the Hell am I doing up?

Another scrimmage tonight(regular football season starts tomorrow), this one a Jr High Scrimmage at Lima Bath....90 for the high with humidity making the heat index about 100+....right knee is acting up, and left ankle is still sore...Hell getting old, isn't it? JV game at Celina Saturday AM, and a Freshman contest at Coldwater Monday evening....we will see how the body holds up against the heat and running(walking fast in my case?) of 3 games in 5 days. Meanwhile, more rain is forecast through Saturday which could cause more problems for many folks.

2 years ago today

______________Might as well keep this weather related. Hurricane Katrina formed in the Atlantic on this day in 2005. I won't get too political here, there are other places for that, but Katrina was a disaster for the folks in Mississippi and Louisiana...much damage, the people in New Orleans however get all the sympathy...why? Because they, their idiot mayor, and political fool of a Governor were to stupid to see the forest for the trees...the criminal element was alive and well in New Orleans the days and weeks after Katrina...who got the blame..The Feds...yep, it's always the nanny state that needs to take care of stupid folks, people stupid enough to listen to a fool of a Governor and a arrogant mayor....I wonder what will happen when something really big,, something 9/11 and bigger happens, will we as American be able to handle it?....the people of New Orleans could not...while the residents of Mississippi did just fine, and continue to recover today.

When Katrina was getting ready to make landfall, I was on my way southwest to the Dallas area with a RV...fuel prices rose almost by the hour as "big oil" made their profits, come Hell, high water, and higher the time I had dropped the 36 footer off and headed back in my little 19 MPG Jeep Wrangler, unleaded gas had hit $3 per gallon....costly for me, since I don't get reimbursed for return fuel....ol' well, it happens...after all, I could have been floating in New Orleans.


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