Friday, August 24, 2007

Weather or not!


Weather seems to be the blog thing...must mean I'm leading one boring life. Hot and humid continues, mowed our lawn today, and got that out of the way, Sam will head over to mom's and mow hers tonight, at least that is the plan. More storms over in western and northern Indiana, moving east and north, so will see if we get those.

Did a Jr High scrimmage last night in the heat at Lima Perry, 2 hours but got through ok..the Miller Lite went down easy after. Tonight the Varsity schedule begins....unlike baseball where almost all my games during the spring are varsity affairs, football, being my newest sport, I do the JV, Freshman, Jr High, and rec league is the same, and not sure I could keep up with the varsity kids....officiating football is a completely different animal than baseball umpiring....tomorrow I stay in Celina to do the JV game with Lima time 10AM, some storms around, but it looks to be a bit cooler.

15 years ago

_____________we mentioned Katrina in the last entry, in 1992 Hurricane Andrew made a direct hit on Miami/Homestead this weekend back then.....a destructive storm to say the least, the fragile homes in south Florida couldn't stand up to Andrew, and at the time it was the most costly hurricane in US History....after crossing Florida, Andrew entered the Gulf of Mexico and headed for Louisiana...dropping rain and doing more damage there.

Despite all the rants from the global warming nuts and "The Hurricanes are coming, we are all gonna die crowd"....this year(07), like last has been hurricane lite so far...even with Dean this past week, a large one which did some damage in the Yucatan and Jamaica, as we get ready to enter September(the month with the most hurricanes), we have been basically storm lite....much to the dismay of the folks at the Weather Channel, who seem to live for major "named storms".

Sorry about their luck.
photo...more weather, I think this was May 1970, shot this one at the "Monsoons" in Saigon..a couple of idiots walking in the rain at the 1300 Security Police Sq Barracks.


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Mushy said...

Of course I was at DaNang in '66, and I remember those dark days as cold and gritty. We didn't shower (just had cold water) for days and the bunks got full of sand.

God I hated those days!