Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Best of Times/Worst of Times

4:00 pm EDT

Have always loved summer, but by the time late August and early September rolls around I am usually sick of the heat and humidity, and ready for Autumn....bad thing about that however, winter is just around the corner...wasn't bad growing up in south Florida, but many of my other places of "cooler" climate are a different story. Ohio, Wisconsin, upstate New York, Dodge City, Kansas, Kokomo, Indiana, are a different story...getting sick of winter in a quick fashion makes you not so happy to see the heat of summer go away.

Freshman football at Coldwater yesterday where the home team scored late, converted a fake extra point kick and came away with a quick 8-6 victory of the Flyers of Marion Local....worked Line Judge, and I was rusty....games on Thursday and Saturday, looks to be cooler, and hopefully I'll be able to shake off the rest of the rust.

Mowed in the heat again today...after going from mid June until early August with only mowing once, I've now had to clip that stuff 3 times in 10 days, including last Friday and today. Gonna kick back in a few, pop open a Miller and clip a torpedo and fire that up.

23 years ago

_____________My high school and bar stool buddy Nick now owns a nice classic pontoon boat(see Bar Stool Open thread), but in past years he had a 24 footer which we fished, drank, and partied on Lake Erie with...we tore off a few props, slept standing up, passed out in the Put-in-Bay public restroom...well at least Nick did, but that's another story....almost sank on more than one occasion, and usually drank more beers than fish we caught...but we did have some good weekends. Labor Day weekend 1984 was one of those....we were blessed with good weather, 2-3 foot waves, and I had my Transderm Patches to keep the sea sickness away.

Now growing up in south Florida, on the Gulf, I had the opportunity to catch much larger fish than I ever could in Ohio, or Wisconsin, or even upstate NY, where I learned to trout fish with fly rod...but although not the fisherman my dad was, or even what I used to be...I still enjoy an occasional trip(but only catch and release these days).....from my youth, catching pier and jetty Shark, Jewfish, and Red Snappers, to Perch, Crappie, Walleye, Trout from a stream, Catfish, from lake and quarry....I still enjoy fishing or at least thinking about it.....that Labor Day Weekend in 84 we caught our share, drank our share, and made it home from the Lake Erie Islands alive to talk about it for years.

photo: me with a decent sized Walleye, and still sober...must have been early and I suspect we were about 10-15 miles out in Erie.



Mushy said...

Nice catch...had one similar off Norris Lake near here over 20+ years ago.

It seems we've done a lot of the same things since coming home.

Glad we're here!

pat houseworth said...

Norris Lake? When my wife Patricia first took off on vacation together...we packed up the 2 Airedales, a sleeping bag, and a "tent" that turned my AMC Hornet Hatchback into a camper....headed down I-75 and ended up at........Norris Lake! Somewhere between Jellico and Knoxville...spent a couple of days there...doing what 20 something couple do...then headed to Gatlinberg(back when it was just a small tourist trap)...now how's that for "small world"...lol.


pat houseworth said...

I guess I should have said..that was 1974....Labor Day to be exact....still see the green signs on I 75 on my RV runs to Florida, Georgia, and SC/NC...but have not been to Norris Since....maybe this fall, I'm sure Patricia(yes we are both named Pat) might enjoy that.