Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Football=The Heat is on!


The Heat Is On, as the old 80's Glenn Frey song says....in west central Ohio, we seldom see 100 degree temps, just too humid, and unlike the western and plains states, we don't get the blast furnace winds....we do however get plenty of humidity....which makes the 90-97 temperatures we do get, that much worse.

95 through Thursday with high humidity to match......just in time for football scrimmage. I have my first one at Convoy Crestview Friday night, they take on New Bremen....now unlike baseball where almost all of my games are varsity, football is my new sport(2nd year officiating), and I do only the lower(JV and below, down to Rec Football)levels...I doubt at 58 I'll be looking for any varsity crews....baseball I like the pace of the higher levels, I'm content with the slower paced football contests for now.

No matter what the level, it's gonna be a hot early season....I don't envy the kids, or pros, out in this stuff.....not a lot of fun IMO.

Saturday we have the Bar Stool Open...12 bars, 12 miniature golf holes via the boat route around Grand Lake....we will be riding in Nick's boat again this year...right now I plan on being the Designated (Boat) Driver....2 years ago I got a reminder, not to boat and drink in 90 degree sun and heat....I'll let the rest of the fools do that.

Patricia is preparing to head back to school, I think it opens August 20th or somewhere in that time frame....Sam taking another RV, this one to Savannah, Georgia, Hal is heading with the Celina Moving crew to New Jersey, then down to North Carolina.....he'll be home later Friday, in time for his Bar Stool Open crew(not the same boat as us old guys)...Sam should be home tomorrow, taking the bus back to Dayton, where I'll pick him up around noon.

15 years ago

_____________we have for the most part taken our vacations in early August, sometimes starting in late July, 1992 was no exception. I've been delivering motor home RVs for 5 years now, off and on, since I retired. 1992 was the first time I had driven on of any size. We borrowed Mike and Dawn's 30 footer and headed north to Michigan. Patricia, I, and the kids made stops at Higgins Lake and Kneff Lake in the upper/lower part of the state, near, but just south of Grayling. After a couple of days camping, we packed up and headed over to Lake Michigan...we had camped at both Kneff and Higgins many times before kids(with our other kids, Rags and Max, the Airedales), but had not done Lake Michigan....we ended up at Pentwater, Mead State Park, on the southern region of the lake. Nice sunsets and a good time for the next few days before heading home....Hal would then play for the 8-9 year old baseball all-star tournament team in Rockford...his team, the Celina Reds would sweep the 3 game round-robin tournament, Hal hit .667 while switching between the Outfield and Catching. Vacation and baseball over, now time to get ready for school and soccer practice...soccer, a sport I once hated...now I was in my 3rd year of coaching, and would end up with much success as the years progressed.


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