Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Little Rain Never Hurts


A couple of strong storms lashed the Celina area this afternoon, did little to halt the heat and humidity. Temps once again in the mid 90s with steamy conditions to match.

Started off by heading over to mom's and mowing her yard, yep one of those exciting days....sprayed the weeds in the garage and drive-way area, being it was hot and sunny I figured it was a good shot of no rain(especially considering the dry summer we have had), and the Round Up would hold....wrong! Came home and started our yard, almost done with the front and sides when the first drops came along...after a short delay we got a couple of short blasts of heavy rain and wind, knocking the power out for about 1 1/2 hours. The back yard remains unmowed, but that 20 minute job will get done tomorrow, when we are scheduled for less humid, but sunny weather.

Patricia's step-mom underwent Gall Bladder surgery this morning in Wisconsin....some complications, but at 75 that can be expected...she should be home to the condo by the weekend if all goes well.

Picked up another football game today...September 6th, a Jr High contest at Waynesfield, Ohio...about 30 miles east of here....tomorrow night the season begins with the scrimmage at Convoy.

Hal spending the night in the Greenville, NC area....will pack up a truck load and head home tomorrow night...Greenville is calling for 106 degrees with 115 heat index tomorrow....I've never seen those kind of temps in the eastern US.

24 years ago
_____________After a few years in radio broadcasting, full time, I had had enough of bad management, back stabbing, poor pay, and all the other things that took the fun of our broadcasting. I had left WCSM in June of 1983 after less than 3 years there, and about 5 years full-time in the "business".

After a couple of months looking around, and keeping busy by working part-time at the cable TV station in Van Wert, I finally had a chance to put my other college major, Environmental Health, to my benefit. I had applied for the job of Sanitarian(license and inspect restaurants, septic systems, water well, trailer parks, campground, rabies control, and about a dozen other environmental programs licensed by the State of Ohio)....I was destined to come in second in the interview process, until fate took a hand...anyway, I ended up with the job, and would work in my home county, Mercer, at the Celina-Mercer County Health Department, for the next 7 1/2 years before getting the job of Environmental Health Director(same thing as a Sanitarian) in my birth county Van Wert.

Nothing bad to say about my 20 year career in Environmental Health, it was a stabilizing force, plus the pay and benefits were not all that bad....but 20 years was plenty, and it was time to move on and do something else.

24 years ago, early August 1983, I begin my EH Career.


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