Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

12 Noon

Gotta say, not much done. Mowed mom's lawn, smoked a decent cigar, drank a couple of beers last night....and that is about it.

Sam left an hour ago for Lake Park, GA, dropping off a Diesel Vista Cruiser, Hal returned from his job in TN, KY, and Atlanta last night.

Will go back on the work out/weight lifting again tomorrow, after work and before I head to Rootstown to pick up and take back to Nappanee, a Class A(Large one) RV, will be a long day on Tuesday...Patricia heads back to school tomorrow, her students start Tuesday.

39 years ago

____________Finished up boot camp at Amarillo this week in 1968, as I mentioned before, our(Air Force) basic training was nothing compared to the grunts and Marines, but sucked none-the-less.

After not taking an option to go to Keesler AFB, Mississippi, to become an Air Control and Warning Operator, because it was 53 weeks of school(Hell, if I had wanted to go to school at this point in my life, I would have avoided the military and went to college back in Ohio) I was destined to become an Air Force Cop, Air Police, soon to become Security Police.....imagine me, a! Was almost too funny.

Anyhow, AF Cop school was another 6 weeks in Texas, but this school was located in San Antonio, where most of the guys had basic, Amarillo was a sort of overflow during the Vietnam War I jumped on a TWA 707 one afternoon 39 years ago, and headed southeast for Lackland AFB...Lackland I would become familiar with, in addition to SP School, I would return less than a year later for AZR school, the so-called combat preparedness school for Air Force most of the so called "preparing" in the AF, it was basically lifers teaching us no way did we really get prepared to work or fight.... however, it did prepare us for the chicken crap rules that lay ahead.....ahead of myself I am....I would spend the next six weeks "preparing" to become a cop, learn how to march, polish my shoes and boots(all repeats of basic training), and fire all kids of weapons(never call them guns they told us)...the weapons training was my favorite part....loved firing those M-16s and .38 Specials.

6 weeks later I was fully trained in becoming a military policeman.....NOT...but had went from 135 lbs to about 175 in a matter of 13 weeks, didn't quite get my bad ass attitude yet, that would come a couple of years later....all good things take time.....but I was on my way.



Mushy said...

Man, I am glad you stopped we can compare notes!

My memory is pretty good, but sometimes I just have to imagine what conversations were like.

I'll get caught up and add you to my bloglines list.

Sarge Charlie said...

I love to go down memory lane with you guys, thanks for your comment at my place.