Thursday, August 30, 2007

On The Road Again

1:30 pm

Since Baseball season began(March) I've been limited in my RV delivery runs across the US. With working a couple of mornings as an independent contractor down in Greenville, baseball and football runs have been short miles and few. Tried to get a Vegas run over the Labor Day, but with a big RV Show in Hershey, PA...I will run back and forth for the next few days doing the schedule is. Football tonight, run the 120 miles to Nappanee tomorrow, come home, Football Saturday morning, leave late Saturday afternoon, after the Ohio State crowd leaves Columbus, drive towards Pennsylvania...drop RV #1 off Sunday, come back back over to Nappanee on Monday, deliver RV#2 to the show lot on back home....and rest up....will work a Thursday and Friday at Greenville.....

So much for the "retired" life.....great thing is, you pick and choose...whether it be RV runs or games you want to keep busy.

One last storm(for the next few days anyway) rolled through the area about 2 this morning....some good lightning, so jumped up a caught a photo off the front porch.[see photo].
Another song from the summer of 69 I really is CCR

Hal working in Indianapolis today, home this afternoon, then they move some stuff down to Atlanta tonight and tomorrow morning....he is then done for the summer...back to Wright State to finish off his senior year next week.....after graduation this next spring he will head to University of Dayton to work on his Masters....hopefully he'll be teaching sometime in the next 10 years!!!!

Sam is in Memphis, then goes to Elkhart, picks up a Diesel Pusher, and heads out for San Bernardino, with a quick run that will need to be dropped off by next Thursday.....that will keep him busy and out of trouble.


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Mushy said...

Great grab Pat! I have never tried for lightning shots...maybe now I'll be motivated!