Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to the Weight Room

2:30 PM

Worked my morning at Greenville today, finished up there, squared my Recreation Football schedule at the Celina Rec Department...full Sunday schedule plus a couple of weekends....hopefully the legs, ankle, and heart hold out....then headed for the MRS Board of Directors quorum so we talked and discussed for an hour then back home.

With the onset of football, back feeling better, I decided, after a 2 month layoff, to hit the basement weight easy task when you're 58, getting back to the physical stuff...but has to be done, or I will surely age fast(er)....the sets were not that bad, I dropped the weight for each thing by about 15%, bench, butterfly, curl, triceps, etc, but finished better than I should, given the time off and my excuses here. I sat on my ass for 2 months and did nothing but umpire and drink beer...time to pay the piper.

Hal headed with a straight truck to Pittsburgh to unload 10 boxes of "stuff"...I think he took his old roommate Stu with him, but basically it's his first long distance job on his own....he has two quarters left before his BS in High School History Ed...but then has to go right into his Masters...which looks like he will go to U of Dayton, rather than Wright State. He may be teaching by the 09-10 school year...but maybe not...heck he could become a full timer at Celina Moving....better money, but a little harder 6'4" 250, I don't think he has to worry about the physical part...but do believe he wants to teach and coach.

13 years ago

______________Took the plunge today. Went to Lima and traded my 86 Toyota Pick-up in on a new Toyota PU with extended cab. Really the first "new" vehicle I had purchased, that I really wanted, since the 76 Jeep Cherokee.....I had bought a couple of new Ford/Merury small cars(Escort and Lynx), but nothing I really wanted, since the Jeep.

Automatic 6cy, bright red....too bad I would rear end a SUV about 6 weeks later...but the damage was limited to the hood and grill, so the $1800 in repairs didn't keep it off the road for long.

(photo show truck after repairs)

This truck would turn out like the TV commercial, it just kept running....ended up getting 230,000 miles out of it, despite 4 wrecks...the one by me, and 3 more with the boys using it....although amazingly, only the original crash was our fault..the others were caused by someone crashing us...but no injuries, no total job...I finally sold the truck to my hispanic buddy at the shop across the street....I think Manuel gave me $250 for it(with the bed crushed by a out of control teenage female driver)....he fixed the bed and took it back to San Bernardino...who knows, probably used to haul illegals. That was 2002....the Toyota did me right.


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